Help me grant some relief from the Storm!

3 Jun

Okay Campers,

You know that we “Pre-Released” our new ISBU Book – “The Nuts and Bolts of ISBU Buildings” in order to help raise donations to help families getting ravaged by Tornadoes and the flooding of the Mississippi River.

If you are reading along, you know that we’re already putting that money to work, buying fuel and pointing trucks at crisis centers.

As we work our tails off getting a prototype built…

of a HYBRID ISBU/Earthbag home designed for families recently left homeless by “flood and fury”…

I’m going to tell you more about this new ISBU Hybrid Home on Monday the 6th of June.

Okay… deep breath…

I ask you this:

How many of you have a Kindle 3?

How many of you migrated from the first or second generation Kindle TO the Kindle 3, when it came out?


How many of you stuck that old Kindle in the drawer that you keep your old cell phones, your old TV remotes and your old garage door openers in?

I’m sure you’re asking yourself;

Why in the heck is Ronin asking this? It has nothing to do with building homes from ISBUs…


I’m asking this because the better part of most of my days lately is spent trying to help families in Missouri, Oklahoma, Alabama, Mississippi, and even (gasp!) Montana… get thru the days while we try to find them someplace to live.

Between rivers overflowing their banks and tornadoes scoring the earth with their fury…

…MANY, many American families have lost everything.

If you’re following along, you know that we pre-releasedThe Nuts and Bolts of ISBU Buildingsearly ( at a pretty steep discount) to help aid these families. Some of that money is  already working, buying fuel for tractor trailers as they haul support ISBUs to crisis centers.

We’ve collected hundreds of toys for kids. I’m talking boxes full of trains, cars, dolls and stuffed animals to distribute to help out broken spirits.

Stock Photo from Google. Frankly I neglected to take pictures of the box full of trains we collected.

(You would be surprised at how wide a little boy smiles when you press a “Thomas the Train” toy into his hands. It just about broke my heart. My own little boy has a drawer full of Thomas trains… It’s not as full as it used to be… and even though he doesn’t understand now…  when he gets older… he’ll understand that he made a LOT of little boys whose world had been torn from them… very happy indeed.)

I need old Kindles.

If you have an old one that you aren’t planning on using, NOW is the time to pony it up to help someone find some peace in the middle of chaos.

  • I have publishers and authors that have agreed to release Kindle formatted books to us – free of charge, to help sooth fragile feelings and broken spirits.
  • I have an electronics distributor who has generously given us scores of SDHC Memory cards to stuff into those Kindles to expand their memory and holding capacity.

I need old Kindles to stuff them into, to help those in need find some solace and escape from these extremely hard times.

How many times have you retreated into a good book when times got hard and you just needed to get away?

If you have an old Kindle that you can let go of, I need it. I’ll make sure it goes to a good home. I’ll personally make sure that it helps someone struggling from sunrise to sunset find a moment or two of peace as they try to rebuild their lives.

Please. Help me help these families. It could just as easily be US in that boat…

If you can spare that old device, please, please, ship it to us here at the Corten Cavalry. I promise you that it will be well received and that it will be put to good use.

Just drop me an email here:

and I’ll provide you with the shipping information.

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  1. John June 6, 2011 at 6:04 am #

    How can one get involved with this project? I would like to donate some time to help out..

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