To See or Not to See – ISBU Camo :)

9 Jul

Greetings Campers!

Recently, I’ve been working with a group building a small colony out of ISBUs.

They’re going to stack them up (2 deep – three high) to form perimeter walls and the interior will be “reclaimed” as greenspaces, commons and gardens.

However, they aren’t looking to go “All Mad Max” and they want to somehow disguise the boxes, to soothe the tempers of surrounding neighbors who are afraid that “Armageddon” is being built next door.

They ARE insulating inside the boxes, using blown in cellulose.  So, they’ll give up square footage to stay warm in winter and cool in summer. 

It’s not how I’d do it, but it’s their call.  

There are more than a few ways to turn an ISBU into something more “neighbor friendly”, but some would claim that there isn’t a way much faster (or even more affordable) than this:

Note that almost ALL of my ISBU dwellings are insulated OUTSIDE the box using SPF or rigid insulation. Then, hardiplank or some other material is used to “clad them out”.

So, while “I don’t personally do” what you’re looking at in this video clip, it will give you some ideas about different ways to achieve your ISBU based goals.

More on this Colorado based project as things develop.

Stay tuned!