The Haps in Haiti – ISBU Style

21 Jul

One of the “Corten Cavalry’s Finest” – John Umland – just sent this it:

It should be noted that he found this on the ‘Net from something called: “Travels with BOB”. We’re just passing it along…

I’ll find a link for it…

“One of the newest hotels in Port au Prince, the Caribbean Lodge, which in the few months since it has opened has become an aid worker hangout.
Building is constructed out of shipping containers which appear to have been modified especially for that purpose.
Pricey at $125USD per night, a bit out of my range, but free and ubiquitous wifi, free breakfast and dinner, and more A/C than you could possibly handle. The concept itself is quite clever.”

Stacked and Packed - Haitian Style

A "Typical" ISBU Hotel Room Interior there...

Okay, so you’re not gonna travel to the Caribbean Lounge to get the “five-start treatment”.  However, it does show you HOW you could build an inexpensive multi family complex (or perhaps STUDENT DORMS or even Senior housing…), using ISBUs in places like Haiti (or Christchurch or JAPAN)…

I’ll try to find out more about how they accomplished it.

Stay tuned!


2 Responses to “The Haps in Haiti – ISBU Style”

  1. John Umland July 21, 2011 at 9:23 am #

    I knew you’d like them. Bob works for an aid organization called Plant with Purpose, , which tries to make communities agriculturally successful.
    God is good

    • Renaissance Ronin July 21, 2011 at 4:51 pm #

      Hi John!

      First, as always… good lookin’ out, bud! 🙂

      (For those of you not familiar with John, he’s a constant source of great information. We’re glad to have him in the Cavalry!)

      It sounds like Bob is a “Man with a Plan” and we wish him the very best of luck with his endeavors! Thanks for providing the link!

      By watching what others do, we can all grow…

      Blessing on your house, dude! 🙂


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