Only Oatmeal should be lumpy… ;)

27 Aug

Things are hectic as we prepare for “Hurricane Houseguests“. (2) RV’s full of families are headed our direction, running out of reach of Hurricane Irene.

While they’re here, we’ll work on “ISBU 101” and get some of their own ISBU Home details ironed out.

And that means… you guessed it… mailbag time.

As we pursue our latest ISBU project – The CORGANIX Hybrid Home – which combines Earthbags with ISBUs, I’m getting a lot of feedback from readers and potential builders.

There are apparently those among us that still believe that “Alternative” homes are only built by “hippies and hermits living in the wilds…”

As a result, both myself and Owen Geiger (Of fame) are getting hammered lately with emails that remind us of “the perils of building with alternative materials”.

It would appear that people are under the misconception that all alternative homes that use earthbags or strawbales are “lumpy and bumpy” in appearance.


I submit that the homes that look like “a ripple here and a ripple there”… are either finished that way by design, OR they builders took the easy way out.

Right from the Expert’s mouth, Owen Geiger (who has forgotten more about earthbag building than most experts have ever learned) says:

“You can get earthbag walls as smooth and flat as you want. I don’t like lumpy, bumpy walls either. This can happen with bales or bags, although it happens more with bags. They require extra care to align evenly. You also can create rounded edges around doors and windows as shown in the photo of our earthbag roundhouse.

My Earthbag Building Guide explains how to get smooth/flat walls with rounded corners, and I demonstrate the process in my new earthbag video. The video is ‘finished’ but we’re experiencing technical difficulties. All I can say is it should be available soon on Amazon — one month max — after we do one more round of editing. (Same thing happened with my earthbag book. The last 1% takes 2-3 months to get things just right.)”

Owen is exactly right.

And, if you’re considering building a CORGANIX home, a full-blown Earthbag home, or even a Hybrid home of your own making, I highly recommend that you get a copy of Owen’s Earthbag Building Guide.

It’s invaluable and coupled with his “soon to be released” video series…  it’ll be the best investment that you could possibly make in your home building future.  Owen has taken what seems like a pretty difficult subject and made it so simple that children can do it. In fact, children  actually do help build earthbag homes,  in places far from our “metropolitan lifestyles”.

And in the face of Hurricane Irene, The CORGANIX Home seems even more appropriate, considering that it’s an extremely weather resistant structure designed to protect your family AND your wallet at the same time. Let’s tick the strengths of this home off, shall we?

  • Affordable
  • Sustainable
  • Energy Efficient
  • Weather Resistant
  • DIY Buildable

As America faces “the perils that loom”… the CORGANIX Home will shine. It’s just common sense.

And for those of you waiting impatiently for my new book -” The Nuts and Bolts of ISBU Buildings” Owen summed it all up when he said:

 (Same thing happened with my earthbag book. The last 1% takes 2-3 months to get things just right.) 

We’re struggling with the editorial staff now, to get “that last 1%” (it’s in the editing, not the content, folks)  hammered out so that “Nuts and Bolts…” goes out as quickly as possible!

Soon, my Compadres, very soon!

Image Credit: Owen Geiger –