Top Ten Halloween Tips for Parents

31 Oct

Okay, my son isn’t going trick or treating this year. He’s far too ill…

Sucks… but maybe next year…

Many of our kids are going to be out looking for goodies under cover of darkness… and that means that “Parental Radar” needs to be set on HIGH.

(It’s not like when we were kids and we took off at dusk, to pillage the neighborhoods until the wee hours, only coming home to change costumes so we could revisit the same neighbors, AGAIN…right?) 🙂

Here’s a quick checklist to help your kids get ready for what MY Mother called… “Midnight Mischief“…

1. Go With Your Kids

2. Create Check-in Times For Older Children

3. Make sure costumes allow for movement and good vision

4. Go to the Mall or other large gathering place

5. Set a Curfew

6. Educate children on the difference between tricks and vandalism

7. Protect your pets

8. Fill your kids up on good food

9. Teach your kids about Stranger rules

10. Check Local Sex Offender Lists

For more information, you can read this VERY COMPREHENSIVE POST about Halloween safety from our friends over at The Ready Store.


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  1. Alejandro Soares October 31, 2011 at 10:43 am #

    A friend had a similar problem a few years ago with his son and was scheduled for surgery. Then he was told about using pure extract oil of oregano 99%. Tastes horrible but his son started swirling it in his mouth a few times a day and then swallowing the oil, within a week the abscessed tooth and the jaw infection started to heal. He never had the oral surgery and 1 month later he was perfectly fine.

    This might be a good solution. We use oil of oregano in our household for all sorts of infections and it works.


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