Warm up the Welders! :)

14 Nov

As my son Joshua begins his slow road to recovery:

We’re slowly trying to dig ourselves out from under the work that has piled up around us.

Beyond waiting for “legal” and distributor clearances so we can release our new book:

“The Nuts and Bolts of ISBU Buildings”…

We’re told “it’s all moving the right direction”.

Um.. so is my hair. Gravity is taking the hair I tear out over the administrative and bureaucratic delays and moving it straight down to the floor. Oy…

Soon, my brethren, soon…

Here’s just a few ISBU projects that we’re working on:

  • 7,000 square foot ISBU Based Apartment Complex – Australia
  • 2,400 square foot ISBU Based Rental (Residential) Duplex – Australia
  • 4,800 square foot ISBU Based Industrial Dormitory Housing – Germany
  • Several ISBU Based Single Family Homes – Japan
  • Several ISBU Based Single Family Residences – New Zealand
  • (3) ISBU Based Single Family Homes – Canada
  • 3,000 square foot – “Corten Clad” Oilfield Laboratory and incorporated housing/support
  • 2,200 square foot – 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath “ISBU Ranchette” complete with atrium greenhouse
  • 1,800 square foot – 3 bedroom/2 bath Idaho ISBU “Cabin”
  • Several ISBU Based “Remodels” – Kitchen/Bath/Workshop Additions
  • (3) ISBU Pool Cabanas – (2) include guest quarters
  • (1) ISBU Based Marketing Office/Conference Center
  • (3) ISBU Kiosks
  • and even an ISBU based LAP POOL or two!

Seriously, this is just a partial list…

Anybody got a shovel?

Our profound thanks go out to everyone who’s been so patient and even lent us much welcomed support us as we go through the process of getting Josh healthy again…

We’ll start fleshing some of these out on the blog as Joshua recovers enough to allow me more than 15 minutes at a time at the computer….

He’s pretty “high-maintenance” right now. And that’s saying something, because before, when it was just;


And then he turned four. Man… I was wondering if I’d survive until he was five… 😉


2 Responses to “Warm up the Welders! :)”

  1. jrodsouza December 3, 2011 at 4:27 pm #

    Do you have estimates on what these projects are going to cost?

    • Renaissance Ronin December 3, 2011 at 5:35 pm #

      We’re going to talk about some of these as they start to evolve. Included in that will be a “region specific” budget and actual build cost. Remember that building costs vary significantly from region to region.

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