It’s NOT too early to start preparing for SPRING!

28 Nov

I just got off the phone with my favorite “Rocket-Scientist” –  Steve Spence…

As we work on projects “hither and yon”…

He’s reminded me that he has a great special running on his blog;


DIY Solar Resource Package

Learn how to:

Design and build your own solar power systems for your boat, rv, or home.

Steve’s the “go-to” guy when we have develop photovoltaic and solar hot water systems for ISBU homes. 

He’s also got a pretty big knowledge investment in aquaponics systems.

(In fact, I’m pretty certain he’s going to help us design the aquaponics system for our OWN ISBU based aquaponic greenhouses.)

Steve says:

“We have been designing solar power systems for over a decade, in a variety of climates, and lived off grid for over 6 years. We have documented our tips and tricks in a series of resources so that you can save money doing it yourself.

This week we are offering a free gift with every purchase.”

What is it, you ask (you savvy shopper, you!):

Well, it’s “Internet Insurance”…

NO, no… not “All_State” or “State Farm”… keep reading! 😉

Steve’s giving away a cool tutorial on building your own solar powered wifi networks for 3rd world and disaster hit areas.

We’re also working on this, too. It’s a primary area of importance when thinking about how things might be, if things go bad “for whatever reason”…

Imagine a local wifi network using local servers to host a reference library, email and even commerce operations!  Imagine a satellite link allowing you to to reconnect to “others out there” should (or even in spite of) someone “intentionally turning things off”.

Now imagine the entire operation being solar powered.

If you haven’t thought about what happens to “family communication” after someone throws a switch… you should be.

Go see Steve, here:

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