Looking Forward to 2012

4 Jan

This IS a tad off topic for a blog that is focused on building homes with ISBUs, but I think it’s worth mentioning:

Randy Gage (a guy I read regularly) says;

“Happy New Year.  Be grateful for EVERYTHING that happened in 2011:  the things you wished for, and the things you had to go through and grow through. 

Because all of that helped shape you for your next step in development, your next step to becoming who you are meant to become.

2011 is in the rear view mirror.  Learn from it and stride forward into 2012 with faith, anticipation and confidence. 

You have the power to determine exactly what kind of year you will have. 

Because you choose the thoughts you give precedence to, which changes your daily actions, which changes your results.”

Instead of looking backward, examining what has already become the past, he’s looking to the future. I have to tell you, I find his views and outlook inspiring.

Here’s a bit about who Randy Gage is (beyond the fact that he’s successful, driven and a pillar of what is great about America);

“Call me a philosopher, a Jedi Knight or the millionaire messiah, just don’t call me late for dinner. I like hot cars, warm beaches and cold Dr. Pepper. Quiet confidence and loud ideas are sexy. When I’m not prowling the podium or locked in my lonely writer’s garret, you’ll find me playing 3rd base for a softball team somewhere.

I believe in my work, because I believe in you.”

I encourage you to go HERE to read more.