Homebuilding Part I: Thinking about a “GREEN” ISBU HOME?

5 Jan

Building GREEN with ISBUs isn’t about selecting Shipping Containers painted GREEN

It’s about using all the GREEN goodness we’ve been taught about – to incorporate good, energy efficient and earth-friendly practices into our ISBU Homes, to gain us sustainability and conservation.

I know I talk about it in MY book;

Introduction to Container Homes and Buildings

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… in hopes that you’ll take that step forward in learning everything that you possibly can about building with ISBUs before you take the plunge and grab that welder.

But there are other really good books to incorporate into that resource center you’re putting together.

Today, from the road (we’re out doing ISBU Home Inspections and Oversight) , I’m gonna share another resource with you.

In HIS book, Daniel Chiras talks about many of the same things I preach about when helping families create the guidelines for the new ISBU Home that they are building;

The New Ecological Home: A Complete Guide to Green Building Options

by Daniel D. Chiras.

Here’s an excerpt:

What Is The New Ecological Home About?

This book is written for a broad audience, from home buyers to owner-builders to architects, contractors, and any other individuals who are interested in building a sustainable future. It contains a wealth of up-to-date, practical, and reliable information on green building techniques, materials, products, and technologies that can be applied in part to make a home (or any building) more environmentally sound, or in whole to create truly sustainable shelter.

My main objective has been to provide an overview of the green building techniques, materials, products, and technologies that are currently available and some that are coming out in the near future. My intention is not to make readers green building experts but to provide sufficient detail to enable you to be conversant in all aspects of green building and design. When finished with the book, you will have a solid grasp of the components of truly sustainable shelter.

Whether you are a professional involved in designing and building homes or a citizen who is planning on buying or building a new home or simply remodeling an existing house, this book should help you meet your dreams of safe, comfortable, affordable shelter that is environmentally friendly, healthful, attractive, comfortable, independent, and economical to operate.The advice and guidance offered here, gleaned from my own experience and the experience of countless others, could save you thousands of dollars by helping you avoid many common problems when building green.

Stay tuned…

Because we’re going to start discussing the things you need to take into consideration as you plan and design your new home!