Homebuilding Part III: Okay, so where are YOU building?

16 Jan

More Green Building Recommendations

If you’re following the Homebuilding series (which began HERE) , we’re talking about the lists of things you need to consider, as you start planning your ISBU Home.

These rules apply to many types of housing, so even if you’re not building using glorious Corten Steel, you should find things here to help you.

Many of these considerations can be further explored in my book;

Introduction to Container Homes and Buildings

(you can find out more about this book in the right sidebar)

as well as Daniel’s book;

The New Ecological Home

You can use these lists when building a home, remodeling, or even considering a home for purchase.

Note that a few items will be repeated because they pertain to several aspects of green building.

Today we’re going to talk about;

Siting Your Home

Placing your home on the right spot is essential.

  1. Orient your home to capitalize on achieving maximum solar gain.
  2. Resist the urge to BULLDOZE the lot! Do NOT destroy the beauty of a site or build on its most picturesque part! Use those elements in your design to make your home wonderful!
  3. Carefully consider the views out each window that you are creating. Then…
  4. Nestle the house sensitively in the landscape, protecting views and delicate ecological areas. Create PEACE! A peaceful home is a happy home!
  5. Consider clustered development. Small buildings connected by Loggias can be fantastic!
  6. Build a house that is unobtrusive in the landscape. You don’t have to be pretentious or stick out like a sore thumb! Blend in! Become One with the Land!
  7. Design a home that is compatible with the characteristics of the site. Unity!

Stay Tuned!

One Response to “Homebuilding Part III: Okay, so where are YOU building?”

  1. Bull Elk January 17, 2012 at 8:53 pm #

    How about pointing us to some ideas how to make an ISBU blend in! This is the one thing my imagination is having a hard time overcoming. I’m thinking an off grid or perhaps on grid but semi-isolated rural setting. Perhaps pine forest, but could just as well be rolling hills with sage brush & few trees. Expecting a move to SW Idaho in early summer…. (Yes, new around here, still working through some of the older material)

    Love your blog, Ronin! Great insights on matters of not only cleverly economic housing but also life & economics. Good stuff!

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