EPIC ISBU Studio Fire!

28 Jan

I received an email from Vic Cherubini over at The Epic Creative Co-op today.

While I’m in the field, traveling from ISBU site to ISBU site (and even preparing a very exciting new facility that will be dedicated to ISBU construction!)…

The ISBU based studio that they built (with the benefit of our consulting) suffered a fire due to a recent plasma cutter accident.

Vic says:

The cause of the fire was from a hole we had cut in one of the metal containers to run an AC line to the roof four days earlier. While using the plasma cutter, the cellulose in the wall had caught fire. The guys put out the fire, and removed the cellulose thinking they got all of it that had been on fire. Unfortunately, there must have been some embers left in the wall/ceiling. It took 4 days for these embers to get hot enough to turn into a blaze.

The fire took about 2 hours to put out, and most of the trucks and emergency equipment left the area, but one truck and inspector stayed behind. And it was a good thing they did, because they soon spotted smoke coming from the attic area beyond the area they had been working in. Back came the trucks and this time they really took down large sections of the interior ceiling and walls.  This is known as a “rekindle”, and when that happens the fireman take no prisoners.  Needless to say, the place is a mess…

For those interested in knowing how a container building did in a fire, only one word is necessary – EXCELLENT!

The only damage sustained by the 11 containers used in our building were from smoke, and the heat from of the fire burned some of the paint off one of the walls. The part of the building that sustained the most damage was the studio which with constructed using traditional building materials.”

For more information on this incredible ISBU Building (and the fire that tried to eat it…) look HERE.