Use the CORE, Luke…

9 Apr

Lately we’ve been featured by Yahoo and CNBC.


Ain’t it cool?

But it’s not happening because we’re sitting on our hands, hiding from our welders.

Over the last several months…

We’ve been working toward the establishment of an ISBU Conversion Facility that will be tasked with providing ISBU homes to families across America.

And one of the leading “conversations” around here is about the production of “ISBU COREs” that will provide all the required support systems for a household, in one small 20′ High Cube Shipping Container.

I’ve shown you “CORE” examples. I’ve shown you a new hybrid home that we’re building.

In fact, we’re not just building one, we’re going to be building FIVE of them, starting this Spring.

Our CORGANIX hybrid involves combining one ISBU CORE with earthbags, to form a cost effective, strong, sustainable home for a small family… that can be built by that same family and a few friends.

I’m not the only one looking at this path. One of our good friends, Owen Geiger (of fame) has collaborated with us on a home that combines the strengths of BOTH materials to form an outstanding (and yet cost effective) solution to family housing.

Good things are coming, and they aren’t just “Pure ISBU“…

Combining materials to maximize potential as well as offset building costs, just makes good sense…

After all, we can’t ALL be Donald Trump…