The ONLY EX-Marines are in the ground…

28 May

While we spend this holiday weekend eating and drinking and playing in the woods…

Let us not forget;

Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg address is just as important today as it was when he uttered those words on the battle ravaged and blood soaked battlefields at Gettysburg.

And today, America’s young men and women are still dying in foreign fields. Those lucky enough to return are often scarred.

I recently asked a neighbor kid (he was loading up his truck with “sand toys” for a trip to the dunes) what he was celebrating.

“Three Day Weekend! Woo Hoo! Beer, girls and bikes!”

He had no idea WHAT Memorial Day was, or WHY we celebrate it.

It saddens me to realize that many of the citizens of this nation takes for granted the freedoms that we enjoy;  the rights given to us by God,  embodied and defined by our Constitution. These “rights” are not free. The come with a price.  And that price has been paid by the lives of young men and women, fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers…  whose lives have often barely begun before they are ended.

Memorial Day is not about tailgate parties, ballgames, NASCAR Races, hot dogs or sales at the mall. It is about over one MILLION individuals, brave men and women who gave all of their tomorrows away, to insure yours.

So, before you go to that big sale at the mall, play with your kid in the yard or eat that burger hot off the grill, remember the men and women who made it possible from Lexington to Fallujah and say a prayer of thanks and remembrance.

“We cherish too, the Poppy red
that grows on fields where valor led;
it seems to signal to the skies
that blood of heroes never dies.”

Flanders Field

We cannot, will not.. forget you.