Did somebody say “ISBU”?

22 Jun

Are ISBUs the Next Pre Fab Homes?

Could be!

If you read the blog or my books, you already know that Shipping Containers make amazing homes.

It starts from day one, when you take that cargo container and repurpose it as a STEEL frame.  You don’t “build” them as much as you “convert” them.

Yes, it’s “GREEN”.

You’re reusing (some would even say recycling) a cargo “box”  that is typically taken out of the cargo transport system after a few years and then sold  for what is usually a reasonable cost, sometimes as low as $1500.

(We saw 40′ boxes go recently on Craigslist for under $1400 each.)

YES. You can pay MORE. But if you do your homework and shop carefully, you’ll find that prices are within the reach of most families intent on building ISBU homes.

Once you have your boxes (and do your homework), they CAN then be fabricated and designed to your specifications for a fraction of the price of a “normal/conventional” home.

ISBUs are incredibly strong,  designed to take on Mother Nature when she’s feeling really nasty.

ISBUs are made from corrugated steel and massive steel frames. This makes them ideal for withstanding any severe climatic condition they may face.

ISBUs are waterproof, weather-resistant and built to take a beating.

Even better, they are designed to be stacked (up to 9 high) and they can be transported and placed almost anywhere on the planet.

The very nature of their design makes foundations a snap.

The ISBU homes in the following photographs are well known to a lot of ISBU enthusiasts. Container City in East London is filled with artist studios.

And, they seem to shatter the myths of most who know little about building with boxes. They simply connect three containers together, transforming the created spaces into those of typical “conventional” rooms.

“Architects are looking for the modular solution” says Eric Reynolds, managing director of Urban Space Management “Every 40 foot truck that passes you on the road has the solution sitting on it’s back.”

And, No. ISBUs aren’t going away, despite what that design/build contractor  tells you as he/she tries to strongarm you into signing a production contract for a “normal” structure. If they’re arm-twisting you, they either know little about ISBU construction or they don’t care about your “home”… they care about your life savings… .

Despite what naysayers will moan… It’s STILL far cheaper to build new Shipping Containers than it is to return the empty ones to their point of origin for re-use. That means that we’ll have access to these stout, sustainable boxes for a long time…

As Martha Stewart would say:

“That’s a good thing…”

 Container City Images credited to ContainerCity.com