Terrorists Blow up Montana.

4 Jul

I mean… it’s all about the love of  the “big bang” (and I’m not talking about the “Big Bang Theory” on TV).

He’s meaner than those guys who hung on Bin Laden’s Robes.

He’s sneakier than those guys trying to break out of Alcatraz.

And… he’s spending his first (of MANY) 4th of July’s in Montana.

Today, much of the Midwest seems to be on fire. Many states have banned fireworks altogether.

As many American Families tend the home fires of BBQ grills and gatherings…

I want to take a minute to remind you that today is about “Independence”. It’s the day that we celebrate taking responsibility for ourselves and standing up to tyranny.  We did this by sending oppressors packing, kicking their butts back out into the Atlantic, for “parts somewhere other than here”.

Not a lot has changed in 236 years.

We still feel the bite of oppression. We still have tyrants perched on the Atlantic. Those who think us sheep still tax us and try to wring every penny of profit they possibly can out of our pockets, to line their own.

The difference is that they didn’t come from England. They came from all across America. WE actually elected and appointed them.

We did this to ourselves.

As you sit there tonight, watching fireworks and “ohhh’ing and Ahhh’ing”, I want you to remember that we MUST take steps every single day to free our families from  oppressive conditions like unemployment, inflation, and CONGRESS.

It’s time that we took back America. We have to regain our self-responsibility and self-accountability.

Building your own sustainable, affordable home…  planting your own garden, providing your own electricity using sustainable practices (like PVs and Wind Turbines) will TRULY free your family and grant you INDEPENDENCE.

Better still, it’s a level of INDEPENDENCE that no one can take from you.

So, sit back, enjoy the show and then ponder what you can do, to FREE your family.

And while you’re doing it, remember to thank a member of our Armed Forces or a VET…

…for giving you the opportunity to live in the best country in the world.

Their scars, blood and sacrifices paid for your right to sit on your front lawn with your neighbors and watch that light show tonight.

For that matter, thank a Family Farmer or Rancher, too! Without them, you’d all starve to death. 🙂

Happy Independence Day!

May your 4th be filled with love, laughter and “Ohh’s and Ahhh’s!”

God Bless America.