Fire up those PV’s, folks!

9 Jul

People, people, people…

Lately, while most of the country is on fire… my inbox is too.

MANY of you seem to think that using Photovoltaic panels  is just out of reach of the common family, those middle-class “movers and shakers” that are headed to the hills.


Sure, I drag every PV I can get my mitts on up here to set families up “off-grid”, but an enterprising soul can just start looking for deals. Used equipment is everywhere.

For the price of a cheap transportation car, you can gain your independence over the utility conglomerates that are picking your pocket, forever.

Here’s just one as an example (I found several in all parts of the US, in just a few minutes);

Outback VFX3524 inverter/power center.

Prewired for 24 volt DC input and 110 volt AC output. Single Inverter, controller and charger prewired on single panel – just bolt to the wall – connect solar array, and output to house main panel to complete.

(This “power center” is worth a few thousand bucks by itself, and it’s ready to go. No muss, no fuss.)

Includes 8 Kyrocera PV panels (4- 135 watt, 4- 205 watt). Inputs for aux generator, second solar array, and wind generator.

Batteries not included.


Call for more information. 406-490-XXXX.

Note: That price probably ain’t written in stone, folks, it’s the “asking” price. I bet if you used your wits, you could get this caliber of  system (or something very similar) for under $3,000.00. In fact, I found several.

PV panels are running at about a dollar a watt or less – brand new – if you shop smart.

And before you “poo-poo” it because this is a small system, know that I have families living off-grid, with LESS than this. Think CHEST refrigerators and “assisted” cross ventilation! You’d be surprised at where you can cut back you energy needs painlessly!

This guy is in Butte, MT.  But these deals are everywhere. Go out and buy a turnkey system and then reinstall it in a weekend. It really IS that easy.

(Yes, you need to make sure everything is working. And, you may even need an electrician to help you, if you don’t have the necessary skills. But for “chump change”, you CAN start taking steps toward self-reliance!)

And no. I’m not gonna come to your house and help you install it… so stop asking! 🙂

Image Credits to: Craigslist