He said WHAT?

15 Jul


This is a GUEST POST from a member of “The Corten Cavalry”.

NO! “TLATOARR” has NOT switched allegiances and moved over to Straw Bale Construction! LOL!

Alex is tied up right now… almost literally. He’s running a “Haylift” into Colorado, to help fire victims feed their livestock.

Recently, wildfires have devastated an already drought stricken state and hay prices (when you can find it) have doubled (or more) making it almost impossible for afflicted families to feed the livestock that survived.

When Alex heard about it (from a loved one) he shut off his welder and took action… like he always does.

You know “Our Alex”…

Check this out;


Anyway, the topic of this post isn’t to sing Alex’s praises – in fact he offered to run the film crew over with a semi or a tractor. 

It’s to address a comment that was made about him in the press on that very same day from another TV Station, due to Romney being in town to do a sit-down dinner.


When the guy stuck a camera in Alex’s face to ask him how he felt about Romney’s staff charging $25k a plate for the dinner, Alex laughed and told the guy that he was talking to the wrong guy, as Alex’s family “eats a lot of Macaroni and Cheese”. Then he asked Alex WHY he was in Montana.

(Note: To clarify – Alex was NOT at the fundraiser. He was in his fields loading giant bales of hay onto tractor trailers so they could deliver the hay to families in need in Colorado.)

Alex answered the question the way he addresses life, by promoting HEALING and recovery.

Then, after it aired… some jerk tried to “tar and feather” him.

Here’s the quote;

Native Montanan • 3 days ago

It’s so sad that far right radicals like Alex Klein feel they can move to Montana to find like-minded people. I am a native of this state, raised by Republican parents. But my parents compained about the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. Native Montanans are not like Mr. Klein anymore than we’re like Ted Kazinsky. These people move here, give us a bad name, a bad reputation and embarrass our great state.

Alex replied in kind;

Wow. Character Assassination.

“Far Right Radicals”? That’s a wide brush you’re trying to tar and feather me with. Here’s what I’m doing to represent what Montana residents are like;


If my actions lead you to believe that I’m an “embarrassment” to “you and yours”…

… perhaps YOU should be the one to move.

If you really believe so strongly (based on your accusations), I suggest that you put YOUR sweat, YOUR money, YOUR conviction and YOUR COURAGE where your mouth is, and take steps to rebuild this country, even if just one family at a time.

Or… you could just stay on the porch and speak softly.

The morale of this story is simple;

We cannot wait for Congress or “election promises” to heal this Nation.

We MUST begin reaching across fence lines to help our neighbors. We can do more by helping each other, one family at a time than those empty suits in Congress will ever be able to. Democrat or Republican, they’re two sides of the same coin.

It’s still US and THEM.

At the local level, we have to start strengthening, healing this country.

Several Semi trucks filled with hay have already started arriving in Colorado.

It HAS to start at the community level, carefully nurtured family by family. That’s HOW cities, counties and even States got built in the first place…

Is your neighbor out working in his/her garden alone? GO HELP.

Is there something that you can do to make a neighbor’s life a bit easier? DO IT.

That relief you bring by your benevolence will allow THAT family to extend a hand to someone else. And THAT is what will heal America and make her strong again.