The Epic Creative Co-op ISBU Studio is a smashing success!

3 Aug

I just got a note from a pal located just outside in Houston who built himself a really nice ISBU Studio.

We really dug Vic’s vision and jumped on board when he asked us to lend a hand. It was, and still, an exciting project that truly demonstrates the versatility of ISBU containers used for “repurposed projects”.

The images are so nice, I thought that I’d share them with you.

Vic Cherubini says;

Hi Alex – I hope this note finds you doing well.

I just wanted to follow up with you on my last email sent back at the end of January.  The cleanup after the fire in the studio went well.  The the epic Creative Co-Op project has been completed and the building is now fully leased.  I have attached an official press release along with some photos – feel free to use them as you like…

Thanks also for all your help and advice in the early stages of the project. While there was a big learning curve involved in the project, we managed to keep our mistakes to a minimum.  Even so, we wanted to share our experiences with other cargo container enthusiasts, and our blog takes anyone interested in following a project from concept to completion.

Keep up the great work on your blog – If your travels ever take to Houston, please stop by for a hot cup of coffee (or a cold glass of ice tea).


And now, on with the show!

Love the siding panels. LOVE them…

Love the high tech vibe!

How’s THIS for “Curb Drama”?

Attn Hollywood! I got your next “high-tech” set, right here!

I know there’s a “secret entrance” here, somewhere… Wait! There it is!

But what do they DO there?

They do GREAT stuff!

Your project could be HERE! Contact VIC, soon!

Vic and his team did some incredible work. Not even an electrical fire could slow them down. It took vision, dedication and a cunning use of cash. Vic had all three and combined them to produce a REALLY GOOD example of what ISBUs are capable of.

I can’t wait to see what Vic and his crew will cook up next!

Till next time…

 All images are credited as follows:  ©2012 – epic software group, inc.