Need Commercial Space? ISBUs RULE!

5 Sep

We’ve told you all about ways to convert ISBUs into homes…

For YEARS… Seriously.

Readers of the blog (or our books) know that ISBU Construction is a high-speed, sustainable and very affordable way of building a STRONG, DURABLE, LOW MAINTENANCE HOME for your family.

(Sorry, didn’t mean to shout…) 🙂

But there is another (generally overlooked) area where ISBU Construction really excels;

Commercial and Industrial Spaces.

Image Credit: Epic Creative Co-op, Vic Cherubini

We’ve told you all about EPIC Creative Co-op in Woodlands, Texas. A pal of ours took a bunch of “empty boxes” and turned them into a “State-Of-The-Arts” 🙂 Studio complex. Readers here know that we like the crap outta Vic, but Vic Cherubini isn’t the only guy with vision. LOTS of people are finding ways to incorporate ISBUs into their workday.

This about this for a minute. With the downturn in the economy, industrial parks and warehouse centers are becoming veritable ghost towns.  You can rent these spaces for less than ever before. In fact, they’ll beg you to rent them.

The holdout has been all the modifications required to turn them from big empty boxes, into commerce centers and administration operations.

But what it you used “big empty boxes” to fill those big empty boxes (warehouses) to define and then enclose worker areas?

Think about all the spaces you could literally DRAG into a warehouse or Industrial Park bay, to create workspace…

Okay, so you might feel like “Big Brother” was looking down into your cubicle, but…

That empty warehouse becomes a high-end Commerce Center, seemingly overnight. Seriously. These are just “boxes”. people.  They’re like LEGOS for grown-ups. All you need is a roof and some imagination.

If you’re looking to downsize out of that Corporate Castle… or you  just need space to run a business… CORTEN STEEL might just be in your future.

And, when you prosper past your existing building… you drag your boxes OUT to a NEW, BIGGER building…

Talk about a migration…