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17 Oct

WE get mail.

We get a lot of mail, frankly. I have over 4,000 new emails in my inbox right now, waiting for “that Blue Moon” when I’ll have time to sort it all out…

Most of it is requests for “technical assistance”. But a lot of it follows this theme;

“In the light of all you guys are going thru up there, WHY on earth do you devote so much time and energy to assisting other families?

Haven’t you got better things to do?

Do you make a lot of money?”

They completely miss the point.

Many readers of the blog know that lately, we’ve been plagued by weather and fires, here in Montana.

On top of that, we are still heavily involved with our “Emergency Haylift” into Colorado – 

…to help those families impacted by fire. Beyond buying and shipping “nearly every available bale of hay” (at least is feels like it)  in the Bitterroot, it’s required us to purchase (and then rebuild) big stepdeck trailers to actually haul the hay a thousand miles with.

We’ve sent down hundreds of tons of hay and we’re still sending more… Livestock can’t wait for insurance companies to “catch up” or prices to come back down as greedy hay brokers take advantage of hardship to raise prices to astronomical levels. … horses and cows have to eat NOW or perish.

We’re working in places like Haiti, New Zealand, Africa and Japan, helping hard working families get through “even harder times”.

As a result, we’ve been spread pretty thin and updates to the blog have been a lower priority than normal. For that, we apologize.

To answer some frequently asked questions;

First, RR is a “not for profit”. In fact, it’s going to become a “non-profit” organization, once all the paperwork and bureaucratic gyrations are completed.

Trust me when I tell you that we don’t make a lot of money here at RR. In fact, we eat a lot of “Macaroni and Cheese”… just ask our families. 🙂

RR’s operational funding comes from another entity that provides industry with ISBU housing, laboratories, factories and other ISBU commercial projects. In fact, we set up that other entity to insure that RR was funded, so that we could continue to help families grow.

It’s because we see the hardships that families face, be it in the form of a forest fire or an economic downturn. It’s because we see the fabric that is America being torn into shreds by those who seek only to profit from the hardships.

We KNOW that the tapestry of America is made up of the threads that strong families provide… threads that are then woven together to make strong cloth, as the cloth that was the America we all remember as youths,  slowly changes, erodes into something else…

We believe in America. The REAL America.

Not that one that exists on the Beltway, that place of empty-suits that give away our futures, to fuel greed and self-aggrandizement.

WE believe in the “Grass Roots” America, that land built on the sweat and toil of the American family, families that rise and fall based on their own merits, contributions and integrity.

You know the American families that we’re talking about – those families that bind themselves together to face hardship and celebrate success.  

We want to to help rebuild America, to reweave that cloth – one family at a time if we have to – to insure that families bind themselves together to form communities that are strong enough to help hold together cities, counties and even states, as America faces hardships and trials.

This goal drives us, motivates us to face each new trial with dedication and perseverance.  We are determined to help American Families succeed.

As we begin to “normalize” again, after fighting fires, evacuating families in the path of the massive wildfires, resettling families and getting things back under something that resembles control, I thought I’d give you an update and share some thoughts with you;

It’s been an interesting month.

Life in the Pacific Northwest is different than the life we lived in the Deep South.

For example, in Mississippi – hurricanes give you plenty of warning before you have to start getting nervous and think about grabbing “go-bags” and heading toward the truck to flee…

Yes, I said “go-bags”.

EVERY SINGLE one of you should have a method set up to allow you to extract “those things which are vitally important” at a moments notice, as you leave your home for some other place of safety, in the face of disaster.  In our case, it was important records, medicines, first aid gear, food, water, clothing, etc…

In Montana, warning comes in the form of dedicated Sheriff’s Deputies standing on your front porch at 2am, Deputies who put themselves in harm’s way to inform you that a wildfire is getting ready to eat your house.

We literally left our home in the middle of the night…

I never thought I’d say this, but I miss hurricanes… LOL!

In the face of disaster, you need to be able to handle the problems that arise. That means that you need to “become the experts that you seek”.

Let’s face it, folks… we’ve become kinda lazy. It’s gotten to the point that it’s simpler to jump on the internet or make a phone call to find an answer than it is to know the answer to tough questions, in advance.

What happens when that expert isn’t available to you?

What happens when the towers that relay your internet feed or cell coverage don’t work, because they’re on fire?

America is changing. Between unemployment, an “unstable” economy, political strife, rising housing costs and a “reliance on others” to insure our safety…

Many families are overexposed.

Here at RR, we strive to empower you to take more control of your lives, by helping you gain higher levels of self-reliance and self-control, by helping you become more RESPONSIBLE for your families.

We want you to achieve levels of expertise that some of you, quite frankly, thought were beyond your capabilities.

The way that you find out what you are capable of… is by pushing your boundaries, exploring your potential and then focusing it to achieve your goals.

It starts with “simple understanding”.

We’re helping you understand what “secure, sustainable, affordable housing” really is and more importantly, isn’t .

We help families focus on “affordable living spaces” that will harbor their families thru whatever comes, be it Mother Nature or Man-made… for generations.

The primary focus is obviously assisting you in taking steps to design, build and then secure affordable, sustainable housing to shelter your family, but it goes beyond that;

We want you to continue taking control of your own destiny by creating a sustainable environment that nurtures your family with minimized interaction from “the usual suspects” –  you know the entities that I’m talking about; the utility companies, banks and even (gasp!) grocery stores.

We want you to consider the following;

  • Photovoltaic Panels (or other energy sources like wind turbines and small hydro-generators) that create the electricity your home will need.
  • Wells capable of providing you with clean water to meet and exceed your needs.
  • Gardens that provide you with nourishment and (gasp!) even well being in the form of exercise.

Can you provide EVERYTHING that you require to secure your families safety and well-being?

It’s quite possible. While not everyone can have their own well (you “urbanites”, you!),  it’s possible to make progress in other areas of home ownership to offset those costs.

Your chosen location will help define what you can, and more importantly, cannot do.

“Knowing this is half the battle.”

WE want to help you learn to identify your needs (as opposed to your wants) and then learn to make the required compromises. It’s not as painful as it sounds. Honest.

The point is that by learning to identify and assess your assets (and their potential) balanced against any liabilities, you help define your own success.

We want you to become your own experts.

You CAN do this. If you build it with your own hands (granted, with some help), you will grow to understand what you have achieved and how it works. Where providing your family’s home is concerned, it means that you can maintain it, enhance it, even help it to evolve as your family grows.

It isn’t as hard as it sounds. It’s not “rocket science”.

You don’t need a degree in engineering or physics.

(But, if you have a relative who is a plumber or an electrician, consider that a boon!)


We are HUGE believers in the use of “COTS” – “Components off the shelf.”

We don’t WANT you to rely on specialized gear or building techniques priced beyond the reach of “mortal man”. (It’s for this very reason that we have so much trouble with LEEDS and the hype surrounding it.)

We want to teach you to look at what is being done and then we want to help you find “parallel” paths to achieving those similar goals.

It’s primarily a path that leads to taking parts off of a shelf and then assembling them, sometimes in a new way, to make them do something more than they were originally designed to do.

Some call this “progress”. It’s called “innovation” or even “thinking out of the box.” Whatever you call it, understand that  you’ll UNDERSTAND it as you build it.

Understanding what you are building is the first step to taking more responsibility for your lives.

“Experts” cost money, folks. These guys and gals dedicate huge chucks of their lives to achieving those lofty titles with all that alphabet soup after their names. And, they don’t do it because they want to work for free.

By growing your personal knowledge base,  you’ll be less and less reliant on  PAID “experts” to resolve your issues.

You’ll take more and more control of your families safety by providing for their needs, all the while maximizing the use of your generated cashflow (or the requirements for it).

It’s our opinion that Government is taking steps to make us more and more dependent on them. Our leaders tell us constantly that nothing we do, nothing we achieve,  is possible without “them”.

We say “baloney”.

We want you to say “baloney”, too, by SHOWING you how to provide for yourselves.

You won’t be reliant on Government hand-out’s aid programs or other devices designed to further enslave you or “direct your feet” as you are urged to stay on “the lemmings path”.

And at the end of the day, you’ll KNOW that your family is stronger.

And that gained strength will become a resource that you can use, to help other families in your communities, as they face trial and peril.

It’s this gained strength, this created resource, that will rebuild America, one family  at a time.

God Bless the American Family.
And… May God Bless America – especially in these trying times…


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  1. Patricia Saturen October 17, 2012 at 1:59 pm #

    And may God bless you and yours, RR. Our parents and grandparents’ pioneer spirits survive in the likes of you!

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