Are you ready for the Frankenstorm?

29 Oct

Like hundreds (if not thousands) of others…

… we’re up to our necks in alligators here at RR assisting our comrades at TBE

…while they work tirelessly assisting those providing disaster relief for victims of Hurricane Sandy. When crisis looms, you buck up and answer the call. Even when we’re on the road, we’re working. Frankly, we’re just glad that we’re not “right in the middle” of this one…

Thank heavens for cellphones, laptops, twitter and the ‘Net…

Here’s just a few of our updates from people we actually have on the ground (as of 2pm ET);

Hurricane force gusts – Norfolk, Va. 2 NYC.  Cat1 storm 2 produce dangerous storm surge – NE coast. Worst conditions expected 4 – 11p.m. ET.

Andrew Cuomo@NYGovCuomo
In case of power #outages in #LI, call National Grid (Long Island Gas): 1-800-490-0045 #sandy

Chicago – Starting to feel effects of Hurricane Sandy – East Coast storm – with heavy snow and waves off Lake Michigan over 20′ high.

Cleveland OH – Non-Stop rain with high winds. Flooding is beginning. Hurricane Sandy has teeth.

Boston, MA – Hurricane Sandy being felt.  Sustained 38mph winds with gusts to 52+mph.

Hurricane Sandy update – 125 miles SE of Atlantic CIty – 90mph winds and moving NW at 28mph.

Tom’s River, NJ – We have a daughter near here. Several inches of rain in last 24 hours. Steady rain for last hour with strong sustained winds gusting to 70+mph.

Weather Channel states that Hurricane Sandy will make landfall between 5:30 to 6pm ET somewhere along Jersey Shore. With any luck, Snooky and crew will get washed away… LOL!

Freeport, NY – Flooding begins.

East River, NY – Starting to overflow it’s banks. Flooding begins.

People, we go on and on about being prepared. It’s not because we’re “Boy Scouts”…

It’s because of times exactly like this. NE Stores are being systematically stripped to the bare walls by frightened families trying to get ready at the last minute. If they’d prepared earlier, carefully and slowly stocking cabinets and storage areas, they wouldn’t be out in the heavy weather looking for food and water to get them past what will be a very long week, at the least.

More importantly, they’d be SAFER, secure in their homes, avoiding the idiots and chaos that will undoubtedly occur.

Remember Hurricane Katrina? We do. We were at Ground Zero.

Thousands of families are already without power. In Long Island alone, 60,000 plus households are already blacked out. This is just the beginnings. There are already estimates that a MILLION households may be without power before this storm is over.

Local authorities are already telling families that they may be without power for WEEKS after Hurricane Sandy passes through. 

While we chip away at obstacles (and there are MANY). here’s some interesting reading;

In fact, if you’re a regular reader of TBE,  this is REQUIRED READING. Test to follow.

Extended ‘grid down’ survival scenario about to be unleashed across Eastern seaboard as storm of the century approaches

Sunday, October 28, 2012
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of

Millions of U.S. residents along the Eastern seaboard are expected to experience a “grid down” survival scenario beginning as early as Monday night. The “Frankenstorm” Hurricane Sandy is a convergence of multiple weather events rarely seen in human history. Most people living in the region have never seen a storm like this in their lifetime.

According to, the storm brings together five weather events:

• A Northbound hurricane
• A winter storm front
• A blast of Arctic air from the North
• High tides that worsen flooding
• Combination of high winds and heavy snow

It is that last item which really brings home the reality of the situation. High winds and heavy snow mean downed power lines everywhere. And unlike previous storms you’ve seen where the power outages were localized and short-lived, in this scenario the damage is so geographically widespread that power line crews won’t be available to help neighboring regions. Everyone will be completely occupied trying to restore power in their own cities and towns.

This means the duration of the power outages will be much longer than usual. It is almost certain that millions of people will be without power due to the storm, but what many people don’t fully realize is that these power outages could last for weeks.

That’s why a article also warns “Expect near freezing temperatures with no power” and “be prepared for extended period without power.”

Make sure you read my Hurricane Sandy preparedness checklist if you’re wanting to know what to acquire before the storm hits.

Living without power

Most Americans have simply never lived without power for any extended period of time. No power means:

• No internet (OMG!)
• No TV (gasp!)
• No recharging cell phones.
• No hot showers.
• No laundry machines.
• No dishwashers.
• No heating of your home.
• No lights.
• No toasters or ovens.
• No computers.
• No radios unless you have a wind-up radio or spare batteries.

The widespread loss of power and extreme weather conditions will also mean, for some period of time:

• No police response services
• No fire response
• No ambulances

This means many people will simply be on their own during the worst part of this crisis. In a scenario like this, dialing 911 is a useless and almost delusional act. In addition to all this, New York City has announced it will close the subway system. Delivery companies have announced they will halt operations. Schools will be closed and much of modern society will grind to a halt during the storm. Much of the U.S. eastern seaboard is going to be thrust back into something resembling the 1800′s, but without the common sense and practical skills of the 1800′s.

FEMA will be called in to “help”

Have no doubt that FEMA will be called in from the very beginning, billed as a “government rescue” of all the people who failed to prepare. Remarkably, even though this storm has been identified many days ahead of time, there will still be people who fail to prepare for it, and some of them will simply die. (Yes, there will almost certainly be fatalities.)

Others will be caught in desperate situations and need to be bailed out by the government, via FEMA actions. Expect to see rapid distribution of food and blankets to residents in need — residents who were just too short-sighted to take precautions ahead of time like everybody else.

You’re also going to see medical emergencies galore. The stress of the situation alone will probably cause numerous heart attacks and strokes. Expect to see some car wrecks in the early hours as people try to rush home once the winds start howling. We’re also bound to see smoke inhalation victims thanks to a few people burning down their own homes trying to use propane burners (or masses of candles) as an indoor source of heat.

Rest assured that you do not want to put yourself in a situation where you depend on FEMA to rescue you. Such a predicament could be a death sentence. Remember FEMA’s disastrous response to Hurricane Katrina?

On looting and cold temperatures

Here’s one good thing about all this: Freezing temperatures discouraging looting.

There are two types of looters: Materialistic (just looking for stuff to steal and sell on eBay) and desperate (need food to survive).

Materialistic looters are, essentially, lazy-minded people. They want to acquire stuff without working for it. But they’re also not hard-core determined people who are willing to brave freezing temperatures and bad weather. Most looting, historically speaking, happens during HOT weather.

Desperate “survival” looters are not likely to be encountered in this storm, at least not in large numbers. The rise of desperate survival looters would likely require weeks without food and electricity, and I don’t anticipate that scenario unfolding here unless something goes terrible wrong with the recovery response.

So I think we’re going to be relatively well off on the looting question, generally speaking. In my assessment, the most likely threats to physical safety during the storm are going to be the freezing temperatures and lack of food or water.

Read more of this article, HERE.