Aftermath: Superstorm Sandy

30 Oct

It’s Tuesday morning.

The day after Superstorm Sandy made landfall.

Hurricane Sandy photographed from the ISS Spacestation

People are dying. Americans are without power in freezing, life threatening conditions. Supply lines are severed in some areas…

Don’t worry though. Obama says;

“Hurricane Sandy won’t affect the elections.”

Jeez… sometimes I just have to shake my head and wonder. Talk about arrogance.

In the aftermath;

Much of NYC looks like a war zone as citizens start to assess the damage and begin the clean-up and rebuilding process. Last night was a long night for New Yorkers.

Not even the parks were safe…

Sandy was much harder on NJ. Sandy has become New Jersey’s Katrina…

Like Katrina, a LOT of NJ beachfront property is heavily damaged. Beaches now extend for blocks inland. Levies broke in NJ washing out many neighborhoods with water depths of up to 6 feet. Thousands of homes are impacted.  Shades of New Orleans…

Virginia Beach received 9″ of rain. So far.

Dover DE got 8.5″.

85% of Atlantic City flooded, with 6″ of rain making things even worse.


So far, 18 confirmed dead, millions of families (I heard estimates of 8.5 million people) across the Mid-Atlantic are without power. Some will be without power for weeks. Fires are raging all over the impact area as firefighters make their way thru flooding and debris to render assistance where they are able.

They may actually deploy National Guard troops to patrol NYC due to power outages and transit interruptions.

Thousands of Search and Rescue personnel scour Mid-Atlantic neighborhoods looking for more victims of the storm.

Thousands of Americans are now in shelters.

Blizzards and heavy rain are pounding cities across the zone as Sandy continues to assault America.

West Virginia expects 2 FEET of snow.

Authorities throughout the region are telling people to “just stay home, if you can.”

In the flooded subways of NY, millions are now unable to move throughout the city. The carnage in the city itself will impact New Yorkers for months.

We can expect high winds for the next few days, usually in the 30-50mph range.

Now categorized as a Post Tropical Storm, Sandy is literally stretching from Jacksonville FL to Chicago and beyond.

Heavy weather and winds have shut down most of the Nation’s airports on the East Coast. There are four hour delays for flights out of O’Hare in Chicago as I type this.

As the day continues, Sandy will continue to chew up American soil.

What a mess.

Our hearts and prayers are with the families of those who have fallen,  victims of this storm… and to those being tested. We pray that no-one else loses their life to this devastating event.  

FEMA is on the phone. Again. I have to dash…

Take care and keep your heads down. It’s still going to be bumpy out there…

Alex Klein

Photo Credits: AP