I wanna build “Redneck Heaven”…

31 Oct

As we work on projects here, continue to coordinate relief efforts for families victimized by Superstorm Sandy – a storm that lived up to our expectations as a terrible storm in the US NE – and try to get resettled ourselves after the wildfires raging in Montana helped us decide to move to “better digs” before winter starts kicking our butts (it’s actually snowing here already)…

I’m gonna hit the mail bag;

Dear Ronin,

I’ve seen this photo floating around the Internet for years.

The more I look at it, the more I want to take a page out of your book (Introduction to Container Homes and Buildings) and use those 20′ High Cube ISBUs that you are so fond of to recreate it.

I’m retired now and I have plenty of time to devote to this, so “sweat equity” isn’t a problem.

Heckfire, I’ll even go learn to weld!

Is this feasible?


My wife will kill me, but this is so cool, I’ll take the risk!


Dear “Soon to be deceased”;

I’ve seen this image too! In fact I suspect that just about everyone who ever used a browser to cruise the ‘Net has seen it.

About once a month, some enterprising soul contacts me (most of them, however,  do NOT have “murderous wives”), asking if this could be accomplished with ISBUs. 🙂

You better sit down, because I’m about to give you some bad news;

This isn’t a “Redneck Mansion” or “Trailer Trash Heaven” or even a complicated group of old campers thrown together by good old “Redneck Engineering” in the USA.


Most people think it’s just a “photoshopped image”, thrown together to impress the heck outta other rednecks…


The REALITY is that this is an outdoor theater set for an Anton Chekhov play called “Ivanov”… performed in Amsterdam in 2005.

It is not now, nor was it ever a habitable housing unit. It’s more “Architectural Sculpture”.

And while you COULD probably achieve this using ISBUs, I’m not sure why you would want to. It’d be expensive, inefficient and a monumental waste of space, unless you either have money to burn or a wife that you REALLY want to torment…

The only excuse I can see to actually try to build this would be in some kind of revenue generating “themed” tourist operation where you’d build it by the side of a busy highway and then charge admission. 🙂

I think that maybe you should take a pass on this one.

And, take your wife our for a nice dinner, huh? I’m thinking that if she’s saddled with you 24/7, she deserves it.