Sandy used to be such an adorable name…

5 Nov

Superstorm Sandy.

A terrible storm with an adorable name. Everytime I hear references to the storm on Cable, I’m reminded of a girlfriend I had in High School.  She was in the School Marching Band, she was one of the smartest kids in class, she was built like a model (the Men’s magazine kind, not the “stick figured catwalk type” – ewww!), her voice dripped like honey and she if you messed with her… she had the temper of an irate trucker.

(Sigh!) I miss that girl…

Along with teaching families to build their own affordable, w-a-t-e-r- resistant, sustainable homes…

We remind them that part of life is preparing for hardships. This means stocking extra food and water, finding ways to provide alternative sources of power (photovoltaic panels… hello?) for your family and storing first aid and emergency supplies “just in case”.

Superstorm Sandy reminded us that sometimes, you don’t have all the answers.

It goes without saying that Superstorm Sandy is proving to be one of the biggest storms to hit the east coast of the United States, in recent remembrance. As I type this, martial law is in force in NY and NJ and over 6 million people are still  without power. Thousands flocked to local shelters to ride out the storm.

Thousands of people are resettling after being transported out of critical condition branches of hospitals after back-up generators malfunctioned.

You just have to look at the images of Sandy to see the devastation. Surges trashed “Car and Complex”, turning neighborhoods into war zones.
Distribution centers have been established to pass out food, water and ice.

National Guard troops are in the streets, trying to help quell the mayhem and chaos that hardship brings.

Gouging and looting have begun. Good luck getting fuel. The worst side of humanity is rising as the best side tries to hold it in check. I only hope that goodness rules the days… and nights.

As we continue to aid others helping families across this debris filled region, our prayers go out to those who are still affected by the storm.

And, I think I’m gonna “google” an old girlfriend... 🙂


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  1. Robin Burke November 5, 2012 at 1:04 pm #

    I would just like to point out as an Alaskan that Superstorm Sandy was nearly identical to a storm that tore through the Anchorage area earlier this fall. And then we had another one, and another one, and one more, and quite possibly one more. They have blurred together in my mind. At any rate, our power went out for days, in some places, there is a distinct lack of trees around Anchorage, and a few sidewalks and roads that need rebuilt. Not to mention the massive flooding that happened a little farther north that shut down a main highway and the vehicles and homes that had trees dropped on them. It really did look like a war zone for a few days.

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