Little tiny boxes… and great big ambitions…

11 Nov

We’ve been keeping an eye on a project some of our ISBU friends are hip deep in, down in Utah.

Apparently, if things keep up, they’ll also be hip deep in snow! Brrrrr!

While we’re going to let them share their project and their goals with you personally here shortly, we wanted to wet your appetite by sharing a few recent photographs.

Folks, it’s noble projects like these that remind us WHY we do this. ISBU homes “may not be for everyone”, but let us assure you that wrapping yourself in a weather resistant, Corten Steel cocoon can indeed be the fulfillment of  a family’s dreams.

The people at Sarah House are pursuing that dream now and from what we can see, they’re doing splendidly. We could not be more pleased with their progress.

While Alex, the “Master of all thing Metal” is out of the office – he’s currently directing aid operations on the East Coast and simultaneously leading an “ISBU charge in the North” – we encourage you to stay tuned.

You are not going to want to miss this one.

RR Staff

And to all you Veterans out there, we just want to say THANK YOU. We appreciate your Military service and your dedication to this country (and it’s citizens) more than you can possibly know. God Bless You.