ISBU Boxpark!

14 Nov

Check this out!

This commercial center really isn’t that much different than the kiosks that Alex and his team have built in the resort areas of Central and South America over the last twenty years or so. I personally remember the ones that he built on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica and they were remarkably similar to this. He welded while we surfed. He called us bad words. Terrible words. Primal stuff.

But still, we surfed.  Poor Alex. Ever see a fat, pale, bald-headed Jew surf? It’s hilarious. He looked like a “Great White DORK”… Trust me on this. 🙂

Think about this… you could revitalize a dying neighborhood by providing affordable “commerce clusters”, using empty spaces like the parking lots in abandoned strip malls. You could provide seasonal vendor locations to capitalize on tourism. You could use these to incubate small businesses, letting them establish themselves affordably, so that they grow strong and prosper.

Want to help rebuild the American Economy?

Want to create jobs?

This is a good way to plant those “seeds of profitability” that economic recovery demands. Heck, you could even fertilize the seeding process using all that BS coming out of DC… (okay, okay… bad pun… Baaaaaaaad Crew.) 🙂

Our thanks to Stevekole over at Youtube for pointing this at us…

Alex will be home soon… Stay tuned.

Submitted by: Corten Cav Staff

GWikipedia: G is the seventh letter in the ISO basic Latin alphabet.


One Response to “ISBU Boxpark!”

  1. Renaissance Ronin November 15, 2012 at 2:03 am #

    Wow. When the cat’s away… the mice… don’t play nice… LOL!

    Okay, first off;

    “I’m not FAT. I’m Fluffy.”

    Second, I have hair. I just don’t have any intention of using it. I SHAVE my head. It makes me look menacing. Welders and construction workers are a rowdy lot. 🙂

    Third, YOU try getting a tan while wearing a welding helmet and a thick jacket. Better still, how bout’s you guys get a real job? 🙂

    But, I have to say that I couldn’t have said it better myself. The implementation of these “commerce zones” could refuel a struggling economy. And, their transportable nature makes them perfect as incubators that could be wheeled from area to area as recovery takes hold.

    Good job guys… but I’ll be watching you… and I’ll be home soon. Grrrr!

    “…fat dork… my butt…”


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