We’re back… almost.

19 Nov

Okay, it’s… um… what the heck day is it?

Monday. Yep. Definitely Monday.  Don’t even ask me what today’s DATE is. We’ve gone from planes the trains to automobiles… And, it’s not over yet. We got back yesterday.

And today (in just a few hours) the crew is headed down to Idaho to load trucks and trailers with supplies destined for NJ and Sandy Family Relief.

Seeing what is happening there on the ground is horrific.

Despite what you’re seeing in the media, most of the help on the East Coast isn’t coming from FEMA or RED Cross, like you might be led to think it is. The majority of the help is coming from caring American FAMILIES trying to help out other families in need. I am so proud of these people… interrupting their daily lives to render aid to families in need.

On the “up” side, we may actually see local agencies embracing ISBU housing as “replacement housing ” for families affected by Superstorm Sandy. The talks so far are quite encouraging.

While we try to get some difficult tasks completed, I’ll leave you with some “ISBU Porn”. In fact, some of these images are just to get you thinking about how you can duplicate them, using ISBUs.

Look at these examples and then think about how these elements could be combined or transformed,  to fit into “your world”.

Can you say “Tiny House 20′ High Cube?

An ISBU by any other name would be… an office?

This is NOT an ISBU home, but it easily COULD BE. And, it’d be quite affordable to build.

Need a shed or home studio? Ever see those 10′ ISBUs? Want to learn about converting ISBUs into housing without taking that “giant leap” of faith? With a small “bump out” this little steel box can even be “overflow sleeping accommodations”. Don’t believe me? Go ask those really talented guys and gals laboring at Sarah House in Utah. You’ll hear more about these people from us, later in the program.

Another “Hey,  I could do that with ISBUs” moment…

In fact, we’re doing something quite similar to this up near Flathead Lake in “Upper Montana”.  While the ISBUs are bring prepped and fabbed in barns (you[ll see more about this later) in the Spring, this ISBU cabin will get set on it’s piling foundation in one of the most beautiful and natural settings that you can imagine. Completely off-grid. Completely self-contained. Completely Blissful.

In fact, that’s the name of this ISBU project: “Fort Bliss”.

Can you live in ONE 20′ ISBU? If you’re creative enough, you certainly can. So, while we show you what WE are doing, we’re going to let others show you what THEY are doing. This guy’s ambition will make you smile and then ponder whether or not YOU can do what HE’S going to do.

In fact, take this floorplan and then stack TWO 20′ ISBUs (instead of building it as a loft) and you get something that resembles that third image up there.

“Heartbreak Hills High-Rise!”

I’d do that in a heartbeat. Better still, those 20′ boxes can be trailered in behind a pickup truck.

Stop whining, this isn’t a “boutique build” I’m suggesting.  There’s nothing “high dollar” about it.

I can hear you gnashing your teeth as you spit out those age old words;

“But Ronin! Cranes are expensive!”

Yeah? So what. Let cranes do what cranes do, where cranes do it. We don’t need no stinking cranes! LOL! You can stack these ISBUs using one of those septic tank crane trucks, thus avoiding expensive crane rental and the access headaches encountered when trying to move a big piece of equipment down a little tiny road.

Don’t have a septic tank crane? You can use a pair of bucket tractors. Seriously. We do it all the time.

Speaking of time. I have to run. While I”m away, the blog and the office are in capable hands… I’ll be back soon.


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