6 Dec

It’s getting silly out there.

As America starts to brace for “winter and whatever comes”…

… we’re being contacted by more and more families looking to build affordable, sustainable homes using ISBUs.

And as we begin advising these new ISBU families, the same question pops up over and over again;

“Where can we see one?”

And, that leads to this post.

We just received (3) irate emails from people seeking to build ISBU homes who were irritated that other ISBU home building families failed to allow them access to their homes, so they could “feel the Corten vibe”…

We get these all the time.

Okay, after we stopped laughing…

There are MANY ISBU homes and buildings scattered across America.

Many are well-touted, as local media and newspaper operations followed them as they were being built.

It’s sometimes possible to SEE these homes close up.

Some of the home owners are proud parents of “Corten kids” and they’re willing to let you see how they gave birth to them…

But not ALL ISBU families have an “open door” policy.

These aren’t unkind, impatient “ISBU Foster families”, folks. They’re usually people who began their journey with all the hope and excitement that most of us have when we begin actually achieving our goals.

But where it got thin was when people started driving up into their driveways and honking their horns, trying to entice the owners to come out and welcome them into their yards, so that these cars, SUVs and vans  filled chock full of  “potential ISBU home owners” could “experience the magic”.

You would not believe the stores we’ve heard;

“This family just drove up, got out of their cars and started running all around the house… looking, touching, trampling landscaping… with no regards for our rights or our property. It’s happened several times. Finally, we fenced off the house and gated the driveway. Now, they park in the street and honk the horn,  thinking that we’ll rush out and invite them in.”

“I got home to find people stomping on my landscaping, peering thru the windows, taking photographs of our interior.”

“They actually cussed  me out because I wouldn’t show them around. We were on our way out, headed to church.”

“I asked him; “So when are you planning on building your own ISBU home?” He replied; “Oh, we’re not! We just wanted to see the lengths some people go to to get attention while building a house.”

“Lookey-loos.” Gotta love ’em… 😦

“They insisted that we allow them access to our home so that they could take a bunch of photographs.”

“We’re not looking to build. We just wanted to see how you did it.”

“They climbed our fence to go into the backyard so they could  take pictures of the back of our house…”

It goes on and on. The callous disregard that some render to these pioneering home owners has quite frankly, “soured the vibe”… for everyone.

It’s not hard to understand why these families have a “Stay Out Of MY Yard” policy.

Use common sense, people.

Would YOU let people show up unannounced and then trample your gardening or landscaping so that they could become “Corten enlightened” at YOUR expense?

Would you let COMPLETE STRANGERS into your home, to inspect your house and belongings, in the name of “Corten Comraderie”?

We wouldn’t. In fact, we’d probably keep our “I’m gonna insert this boot up your… um… well, you know…” shoes by the front door. And then, we’d apply them liberally.

In fact, it’s probably the only “liberal” thing about us… LOL!

Now, the “old man”… he’d put a hurt on ’em. Quickly. Alex is one guy that doesn’t suffer fools gladly, let us assure you. All those years flapping from the handlebars has left him… sociologically impaired in that regard.

Update; He’s healing, slowly. We’re trying to get him to slow down (and take some time off), but he’s doing his “Messiah” thing again. Lots of sheep in the flock need help, right now.  🙂

There’s nothing wrong with trying to contact an ISBU family by email, or even leaving a note on the front door (or in the mailbox by the street) asking if they’d be open to letting you see what they accomplished.

Tip: Include your name, phone number or email address.

And understand and RESPECT the wishes of the home owners if they say NO, or just ignore your request.

After all, you’re asking to be a GUEST in their home.

Wanna sweeten the deal? Want to demonstrate that you mean them no harm and that you genuinely want to learn about ISBU’s? Leave them a decent bottle of wine or some flowers with the request for entry. Their time is as valuable as yours.  

There’s probably nothing  wrong with remaining in the street and taking photographs of the house from a position “off property”.

Frankly, we’re kinda used to people taking pictures from afar. It’s usually Planning and Zoning guys… LOL!

But, you have  to respect the owners rights of “privacy and property”.

Aretha Franklin said it best;

A little respect (just a little bit)
I get tired (just a little bit)
Keep on tryin’ (just a little bit)
You’re runnin’ out of foolin’ (just a little bit)
And I ain’t lyin’ (just a little bit)
(re, re, re, re) ‘spect


: The Corten Crew

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  1. psweeney2012 December 6, 2012 at 11:10 am #

    Folks that simply show up and insist on seeing your home should consider themselves lucky they don’t run into a large-bore muzzle pointed their way

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