Corten in Canada

10 Dec

ISBUs are everywhere.

We know it’s true, because we have projects in 17 countries right now, with more slated.

Recently, we watched as a Canadian ISBU project that we’d been monitoring announced it’s “kick-off”.

Located in Vancouver BC, CA,  the Atira Women’s Resource Society is spearheading a twelve container project designed to house several women in need, helping them get a new start.

It’s a terrific idea… and we love it.

The 320-square-foot containers (um… approx 308 square feet, in reality) would be stacked three high and each would have a private bathroom, kitchen and in-suite laundry. Floor-to-ceiling windows would be at each end and each floor would be linked by an external staircase.

However, we’re really wondering where the money is going. Atira CEO Janice Abbott recently announced that the project is running at $100,000 (CA?) PER 320 square foot unit.

That means that each 40′ ISBU (which actually yields closer to 308 square feet) is coming in at over $300 PER SQUARE FOOT. Actually, it’s closer to $325 a square foot.

We can only think that this quoted price included the land that they are sitting on.

Here’s the post link;

Container housing project slated for Vancouver

As cool as this project is, we could build it several times, for that price. We’re going to contact the managers of this project and see if we can figure out how the math works.

Stay tuned.

:The Corten Crew

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