Is RONIN going bye-bye?

3 Jan

Lately, people have been contacting us, concerned about WHERE “RR” is headed…

Here’s one of the latest emails;

“Dear Ronin,

You know we love you. You’re like the “Moses of Metal”. You’re leading many of our families thru the wilderness, toward what we all hope will be “The Promised Land”, that utopia where we are freed from the shackles and chains of mortgages as we try to survive oppression…

I saw a recent Television Interview that you did, where you talked about how a LOT of your current business is devoted to the “energy sector”.

We all know that you’re a huge proponent of Photovoltaic Power, but it was clear in the interview that you were heavily invested in relationships with oil/gas exploration groups.

Oil hasn’t moved around a lot since the Peak Oil days (’08) except DOWN…

Yet… you’ve moved a lot of your focus onto oil/gas housing projects and industrial buildings. I have to ask Why?


Worried about you”

I get a lot of these, frankly. People are concerned that our work in the oil fields of the United States, Canada, Mexico and even the Bering Sea have taken us away from our goals for housing families globally.

Relax. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Working with oil and gas groups PAYS our bills as we continue to keep helping families in need. If we had to rely on the proceeds from ISBU based family residential work, we’d have to close up shop and then get real jobs…

We’ve yet to break even on ONE family build. We’re not doing it to make money. We’re doing it to help families remain SAFE.

It could be said that our oil and gas work subsidizes our efforts to help strengthen families.

While it’s quite true that 2013 will probably mark the end of triple-digit oil prices, the good news is that there’s a lot of oil to recover. Cheap oil isn’t “BAD” oil. Far from it…

Here’s just one example of what’s going on;


Looks like USO is getting pounded, doesn’t it? Despite the rallies, there’s another story to tell.

It’s admittedly bumpy out there. But what a lot of people are missing is that the Geopolitical climate and the tension it’s created have actually promoted a strong, vibrant oil industry in America.

Oil WILL drop below $90 a barrel. In fact, it will probably drop lower and it’ll continue to decline in the next few years.

Here’s why I think this will happen;

First, we’ve increased our domestic oil production in areas like the Bakken Fields and Eagle Ford. Folks, there’s more oil there than Carter has little green pills.  We’re talking HUGE reserves.

By 2015, industry analysts (Guys lie the National Assoc of Business Economists) expect domestic oil production in the United States to exceed    11 MILLION barrels of oil PER DAY.

By 2020, that number will rise to approach 14 million barrels daily.

This means that America will no longer be dependent on ANYONE other than itself for energy. We’re talking energy independence and I’m not kidding.

I read recently (I’ve been spending a lot of time in bed lately due to a health issue, so all I can do is read…) that according to the US Dept of Energy, we actually exported more oil than we imported in 2011. This hasn’t happened since 1949.

The days of U.S. dependence on “foreign oil” are just about over. And, it’s not without by-products (if we can keep those bozos on the Beltway from screwing it all up). We’ll see;

  1. lower energy prices,
  2. a stronger domestic economy (due to job creation and income infusions), and
  3. a more stable  geo-political climate.

Will the “environmentalists” stop this from happening?

No. Oil exploration and production will continue to grow in the country as the federal government devises new, farther expanding, more definitive energy policies over the next few years… if for no other reason so that the lobbies and PACs will continue to help them get re-elected… and so that THEY can personally reap the benefits that oil will create.

Anyone who thinks otherwise is frankly, naive.

Remember,  there’s no real “insider trading” morality or illegality in Congress or the Senate. They can act on what they hear, while they sculpt the policy defining it, at the same time as they legislate it.

How do you think all these politicians enter politics “poor like us” and then emerge several terms later with more gold than King Midas?

Doesn’t sound fair, doesn’t it? Hmmm? Don’t even get me started…  

Beyond that, one of the things that has hampered America’s Energy policy for years  is the dependence on “foreign oil”. Most of it flows through a place called the Persian Sea. America has tolerated Iran’s actions for a long time, due to the requirement of free-flowing oil through the Straits of Hormuz.

I’ve personally been there many, many times. It’s the ONLY open water source that connects the Persian Sea to the oceans that connects the rest of the world to that oil.

The knee bone’s connected to the shin bone… 🙂

But an expanded oil production capability in the US essentially renders Iran moot. Why do you think that there is so much hate and nonsense coming out if Iran? They KNOW that they are slowly being rendered “insignificant”. It’s now about “positioning”. They’re trying to get what they can, while they still have the leverage to get it.

IMHO – Iran can get as belligerent as it wants. Iran’s saber-rattling will have less value as more and more US oil comes from internal sources. Sooner or later, that “leisure suit wearing poltroon” will step over the line and when he does…

Can you say “airstrikes?” 

Okay, I’m gonna “wax political” here for just a second. Don’t like it? Cover your eyes…

Obama and Hillary may not have the stomach for a fight (IMHO – what happened in Bengazi is proof of that), but the Israeli’s? They are born and bred warriors who are more than willing to hand Mahmoud Ahmadinejad his butt…

“Political Rant” over. You can breathe now. 🙂

Germany is struggling. France is in recession. Greece, Ireland and Spain are all tearing themselves apart financially. That means that global demand for oil will drop.  That means more oil for us.  Or does it?

China is rapidly expanding their manufacturing and that will drive further requirements for petroleum by-products. If you have ANYTHING made of injection molded plastic in your house, it probably came from China.

They have to buy their oil somewhere. Canada does HUGE business with the Chinese by producing oil on the other side of the Bakken… Want to bet that we (US Oil/Gas Groups) do likewise? In fact, if something terrible was to happen in the US and the country fell apart (as some of the Doomsayers predict) , I bet the Canadians would be happy to buy oil from us.

The Energy Sector never sleeps folks. Someone always needs energy.

This means that American oil/gas companies will continue to fuel the nation and the economy. Here in Montana – where I live – 1 in 7 people actually work either IN the Bakken Fields or for a vendor /industry that supports it – commuting back and forth like salmon spawning upstream…

That means there’s plenty of demand for realistic, strong, sustainable housing… Housing that will subsidize our work helping families like yours and mine globally, as we build our own Corten Castles…

So while it’s ironic that a group that urges families to turn from “oil, nuke and coal” and install photovoltaics or wind turbines is being pushed forward by those oil guys…

We can assure you that we’re going to be around for a while, in part because of oil/gas company dependence on US to provide strong, durable housing for their workers.  In fact, I have 5 years worth of contracts piling up on my desk.

So, don’t you worry…

When you need us, we’ll be there. 🙂

Stay tuned.

The Renaissance Ronin


8 Responses to “Is RONIN going bye-bye?”

  1. Tex Arcana January 3, 2013 at 11:04 pm #

    Nice post, boss.

    Only thing I have to disagree with: prices. Damned oil company execs want their obscene bonuses, so they’ll make sure there’s enough “scarcity” to drive the profits right up… or just fake higher costs to increase margins. While the rest of us po’folk continue to get poorer.

    • Renaissance Ronin January 4, 2013 at 1:10 am #

      Yeah, I hear you, brother…

      We can only hope for the best but brace for the worst.

      Fatcats will be Fatcats until the bitter end, I suspect…

      In fact, it’s WHY I lean on my building families to install some alternative power generation system in their ISBU Home builds, be it PVs (photovoltaics), wind, small hydro or even a diesel back up generator.

      The new “Casa Klein” digs (we’ll be finished in late Spring or early Summer, depending on weather and my health) are completely off-grid, with enough extra power scheduled to fuel a small power co-op.

      I’m personally going to start making serious movement toward streamlining myself, as we shift from gas trucks and SUVs to diesels that will run bio-fuel.

      You thought I was gonna toss in a diet joke, didn’t you? Hmmm?

      IMHO – Dieting is for woosies…

      Around here, we just get up early, work hard until we drop and then remember somewhere along the line that we forgot to eat. The weight just falls right off… or so the people who do that kind of thing… tell me.

      To fuel the bio-fuel op, we’re going to build a series of small Fried Chicken Canteens spread through Montana and North Dakota. I tell you, these guys can cook a steak, but they don’t know diddly about good old Southern Cooking, let me tell you. I haven’t had a decent piece of REAL Southern Fried Chicken in a year…

      Gonna call the restaurants “Pluck You” (a play on words coined after our favorite Fried Chicken hangout when we’re in NYC battling with architects and other building lackeys…) and then staff them with local college kids that need decent paying jobs.

      Good eats, good jobs and lots of veggie oil to recycle for the fuel stills…

      Nice to hear from you!


      • Tex Arcana January 5, 2013 at 12:01 am #

        Re, “Casa Klein”: pics or I call shenanigans on ya… 😉

        Re, “diet”: hope you don’t drink diet drinks with “NutriPoison” in them…

        We did a year in Wyoming… We were quite glad to get back to Texas.

        Besides: if you miss good ol’ Southern cookin’, why d’ya insist on living in that wannabe Yankee wasteland?? 😉

        • Renaissance Ronin January 5, 2013 at 3:09 am #

          We’re gonna take long hard looks at “Casa Klein” during production. Don’t you worry… I’ve learned a lot of tricks in the last 30+ years and we’re using most of them in the new digs.

          I don’t do “diet” drinks. If it ain’t “leaded” I ain’t touching it.

          I bet the people in Wyoming were glad to see you headed back to Texas too… I’m betting that you’re a troublemaker… 🙂

          And where I lived before, there were actually more “Yankees” than there are here. Here in Montana, it’s just US and then the REST of you guys… 😉

          • Tex Arcana January 5, 2013 at 11:39 am #

            ROTFLMAO!! Yeah, I think so too… But we were glad to get back home. Nowadays?? Eh, I hate how them dang carpetbaggers have taken over our fair state, and managed to steal most of the money we pay as taxes. ^}%~”$)*^#^^|£@&$@¥£€%##!!

            And yep: I’m a troublemaker. As a friend once described me: “a rebel trapped in a rules-follower’s body”.

  2. John Umland (@JohnUmland) January 4, 2013 at 10:38 am #

    I like “Moses of Metal” better than “Renaissance Ronin”, plus it’s easier to spell.

    • Renaissance Ronin January 4, 2013 at 6:29 pm #

      Um… ever read about Moses? (I know you have.) He was one cranky cuss. I secretly suspect that the reason he never saw the Promised Land was because the people he was “leading” got tired of his bad attitude and difficult disposition… and finally just killed him… 🙂

      I have a hard enough time around here without inferring that I’m some kind of minor deity… I’ll leave that to the empty suits in Washington DC. 😉

      ‘Sides that, “Renaissance Ronin” just kinda rolls off the tongue, don’t it?

      Keep reading… I mentioned you in my next post. Gotta go, before you figure out where I’m hiding… You’re probably gonna wanna “smite” me. LOL!

    • Tex Arcana January 5, 2013 at 11:40 am #

      Hey, that would make a great name for a heavy metal band!!

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