Speaking of “Micro-ISBUs”…

17 Jan

Last time we talked, we discussed turning a small ISBU into a perfect “Sign the papers or I swear to all that is holy that I won’t let you out”… sweatbox… er… um… sauna… 🙂

One of the reasons that we wanted to talk about it was that we’re hearing from more and more people coming across these boxes, who are trying to figure out what to do with them…

We’re building an arctic entry out of one right now, for installation into a steel building. Why, because the cat already had one in his shop yard. We started on a Friday afternoon after 3pm (when his guys go home). By Monday, they were already using it to keep “the cold air out of the office”. We’re just waiting on some siding (to match the existing building) to arrive so that we can blend it into the building. When we’re done, you’ll never know it wasn’t there from the building’s beginnings.

The secretaries already love us. They don’t get a blast of cold air under their skirts whenever anyone opens the door… We get a warm reception. The boss loves us because it’ll reduce heating costs. I’m not sure that his motivation was saving “cold ankles”, it was more in saving cold, hard cash… When we drop by to see him… we get a warm reception. He’s grizzly and he smells funny. The girls smell good and they’re “warm and squishy” in all the right places. Frankly,  we prefer the reception we get from the girls…  LOL!

What was I talking about? Sorry, my mind wandered for a minute… Oh yeah… boxes.

Little boxes are really kinda amazing.

Case in point;

We’ve been approached by a guy who read about another dad that DIY’d his young son a “Space Station”.

Now, this guy originally contacted us because he personally knew a soldier we’d sent a Fender guitar and amplifier to recently, a “Strat Slinging” Jarhead. “I knew it was you guys because I’d seen the guitar on your other site…” he boasted.

Swampcaster - Seymour Duncans

You see… “The Corten Cavalry” doesn’t just weld. We build guitars to send to soldiers and we send hay to families that are hard pressed to keep their stock alive. We’re multi-headed beasts…  who for the most part lay low, trying to maintain some kind of anonymity in spite of the TV cameras that keep showing up on slow News days.

Now, this “shredding sleuth” that called on us  is  a “Nashville” type, living in a land where there’s an incredible guitar player on virtually every street corner.

And speaking of “virtually”;

He wants to turn a small ISBU into a “Spaceship” – complete with LCD monitors built in to look like viewports, that will allow his wheelchair bound son and his friends to “go out in the yard and then travel to the Stars”.

The guy works part-time in an “electrical supply” salvage op… where old components go to die, after they get their gold fillings removed.

He’s proposed that we duplicate the panels built into the International Space Station. From the looks of the panels, he thinks he can come up with something pretty cool that will operate off a pair of old Laptop computers feeding multiple LCD monitors. Here’s a diagram of what we need to build;

MIR spacestation panel

Screw Epcot. This kid’s gonna get “the Nashville version of NASA” in his backyard.

Here’s what inspired him;

In the past few years, we’ve worked with a handful of Hollywood cats who are “set designers” and “propmasters”. ISBUs are pretty popular in Action Flicks.  As a result, they want to talk to guys who know how to “twist them”… 🙂

We’ve already decided that we’ll mount photovoltaic panels (on “side-booms”) on either side of the ISBU to make the box look like a satellite. It’ll also create power for the “Space Station” and the nearby garage lighting.

We’re gonna “arm-twist” the Hollywood cats to give this project a little bump… and then we’ll do the rest.

THIS is going to be a hoot. THIS is the kind of “Make-A-Wish” stuff that we were made for. To be able do this for a little boy facing challenges every single day? It’s an honor to be a part of it. 

Okay, closing thoughts;

Just think about this for a minute. If you took a small ISBU and then hung PV frames off either side, you could realistically create a weather resistant, transportable (if necessary) “Power Shed” for your home and outbuildings. Install an insulated water tank and a battery bank in it, use the wall surfaces for inverters and anything else you needed to mount and you’d have a hardened box capable of facing just about anything thrown at it while it supplied your family with Power, Domestic Hot Water and even Heat.

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