My favorite color isn’t even “GREEN”…

26 Jan

People give me grief because I illustrate my angst at “the  greenies” using Tesla.

I’m NOT talking about Nikola Tesla, either.

Let’s clear the air,  shall we?

I LOVE Tesla Roadsters. I love the look, I love the engineering and I love the vibe…

Seriously, what’s not to like?

But, these guys who buy them say things like;

“I cannot understand why anyone would want to go any faster than I can in my Tesla Roadster – which does not pollute the planet and is 100% recyclable. 0-60 in less than 4 secs and max 125 mph is enough for me – and driving has never felt safer or more fun.”

It’s nonsense.

While Teslas are cool rides… you can’t really call a Tesla a “TRULY GREEN” solution. A Tesla pollutes the planet just as much as any other  gas chugging vehicle on the road… as soon as they hit the recharging station.

Where does electricity come from? What gets dumped into the air by those power plants? Eh?

That’s right. Say my name…. baby… 🙂

The only way that a Tesla lives up to it’s name is if it’s being recharged by photovoltaic panels, hydroelectric or a wind turbine. How often does THAT actually happen? Less than 5% of the time, based on statistics.

So, realistically, you  might as well be driving a Bentley or a large SUV.

Does that mean that I think they should stop building them? Heaven’s no. I think that they should build MORE recharging stations that take the load OFF the grid, to support them. It’ll happen… someday.

A guy I know has an electric pickup truck sitting in his front yard. He actually found the truck on Craigslist. He’s halfway there. All he needs now is a dedicated recharger based on PVs… and he’ll get there, because HE gets it and he knows the magic word…. GEEKS. He’s got some crafty guys in his gallery…

I have a set of the electric motors and drive units that they put on those big “Aircraft trolleys”. Those puppies can pull around 747’s like they were toys.  This time next year, we’ll have a pair of trucks to use around the farm, charged by the Sun.

nikola tesla And, I always thought that the name “TESLA” was satire, because it kinda makes a mockery of the life that Nikola Tesla dedicated himself – to as he both invented and drove a car over 3,000 miles across the US in 1903 on electricity being harnessed from…  the ether/air…

In fact, the reason that Tesla isn’t a household word is that Nickola wanted to develop his electricity program and GIVE AWAY the electricity for free. His investors didn’t like the idea…  because they couldn’t make any money… 😦

Okay, I’m not gonna get any Christmas cards from the guys  at Tesla. I’m not looking to pick a fight with them, I just realize that the system  is “flawed”.

Beyond that, a lot of people who buy Tesla’s remind me of people who buy Prius cars. They seem to think that they are “different”.

I’m not looking for differences in people, folks. I’m looking for the things that they have in common.

We live in a “land divided”.

WE could use a little healing…

The Renaissance Ronin


3 Responses to “My favorite color isn’t even “GREEN”…”

  1. Alton Toth January 30, 2013 at 9:42 pm #

    Move to British Columbia. Then you can own an electric car guilt free (almost all of our energy is hydroelectric). Or you can get a place along the Coast and set up your own little wind farm. 🙂

    • Renaissance Ronin January 30, 2013 at 10:42 pm #

      Um… yeah… well… then you meet a buxom Canadian brunette with a sexy accent who drinks “weird beer” and then steals your dog while you’re off chasing your lost youth in the Third World… Nope. Not gonna do it… LOL!

  2. texarcana2002 February 5, 2013 at 11:07 pm #

    Funny thing: Tesla worked for Westinghouse, who gave us the modern work week and days off during said week; and who gave us high-voltage A/C power. NIKOLAI Tesla was a pure genius… And tbh, I hope we can find that work Tesla did, because that would be a HUGE benefit.

    Another funny: Edison so hated Westinghouse’s “week-end” concept, he did everything he could to discredit Tesla’s work, up to the point of actually purchasing Westinghouse A/C generators, and making electric chairs out of them, to be used by the prison system as a method of execution… I’m guessing he failed, every so slightly…

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