File this under “ISBU IDEAS”

28 Jan

I saw this on Pinterest, of all places.

I’m home resting and I have some time to go look at what others (besides myself) are doing in “little tiny spaces”.

(That makes me laugh because people still don’t get that you can “sister” these boxes up, take out the interior walls and then make much larger spaces…) 🙂

When it comes to bedrooms, there aren’t enough colors in the rainbow to cover all the needs and wants of families spread out all over the globe… families using these wonderful boxes that we call ISBUs to build “Corten Castles”.

The number one complaint I get when working with families lately seems to be;

“My young son/daughter doesn’t want a bedroom that sucks.”

This is further complicated by “architectural tradesmen” who can’t seem to figure out how to use that space at the end of a container effectively. I find this ironic, as the practice of Architecture is supposed to be about using space efficiently.

So, to that kid worried that Mom and Pop are gonna build them a bedroom that might suck…  I offer ideas like this;

ISBU Bunk for single 20 box

You could do this in the end of an ISBU, EASY.

The only thing that I would do is to us a “pull out” closet system on casters, instead of that “double closet” tucked in that cubby. That way, as your child gets older, he/she doesn’t outgrow being able to use that space.

Build TWO of these units and place them side by side (lengthwise along an ISBU wall) and you have a (2) child bedroom in less than 130 square feet. Remember that we’re talking about using twin sized mattresses here. Your child isn’t going to “outgrow” this room any time soon.

Or… even space them 4 feet apart and use that wall space in between them to build in a small seating area or homework desk.

This is a very space/cost effective solution to creating multi-purpose spaces in small footprints.

The Renaissance Ronin

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  1. Brock Taylor Ashley January 31, 2013 at 4:47 pm #

    This is a great idea! Make it a full or queen size bed and your kids would never out grow it! By the way I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now and wanted to say you have inspired me to try my own ISBU home, now its time to buy the book!

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