Get your city out of my front yard! Go on! Git!

9 Feb

Here on RR, we’ve talked about “transportable” ISBUs deployed as temporary housing, emergency response shelters, seasonal cabins and even “nomadic hotels”.

ISBUs are used globally to form small venues that participate in everything from retail operations to medical centers.

For the last 20 years in Amsterdam, a theater festival has taken place at the NDSM Shipyards, located near the IJ waterway.

And, for 20 years, ISBUs have been used as a backdrop, doing everything from providing  stages, dressing rooms, retail space, eateries and lounge areas.

They built themselves a “temporary Corten City”.

I’m talking “Temporary” as in the whole enchilada took less than a week to build and a less than a weekend to take down, after a two week festival run.

Here’s a glimpse of what it looks like;




Want to stage your own traveling venue? This might just be the way. Imagine using trucked in ISBUs to create temporary infrastructure to do outdoor concerts and events. All you need is a troop of “Corten Carnies”… LOL!

You can find out more about this festival AND the use of shipping containers, here.

The Renaissance Ronin Image Credits: O+M