Little House Storage fit for Kings and Queens!

11 Feb

Lately, we’ve been besieged by “cry-babies” who lament that they can’t figure out how to store their worldly goods in an ISBU home.

It’s also echoed to us by “Tiny House” cats looking to squeeze every possible inch out of their small castles.

As someone who spent years living on boats, it’s been a challenge to use every possible square inch of space to advantage.

So, while we talk about ISBU structure…

We’re going to start talking about ISBU INTERIORS.

I want you to build all the house you can get for your money. You paid for that space and you deserve to get to use all of it that you possible can.

Today, I’m going to show you a closet system that I recently found, that may be just the ticket for some of our building families.

This good looking and very practical furniture addition actually opens up to create a mini-fitting room (it even has built in mirrors) and then closes back into a sensational looking and very compact wardrobe.

Here we go;

Hosun Ching Walk In Closet2Looks like a regular wardrobe, right? Keep Watching!

Hosun Ching Walk In Closet3 Okay, it “wheels” open… So what, right? Keep watching…

Hosun Ching Walk In Closet4It’s getting bigger…

Hosun Ching Walk In ClosetIt’s HUGE! Hanging space could be a little bit bigger, but…

Hosun Ching Walk In Closet5
It’s even got some display area for your bling…

Pretty cool, huh?

I can see something like this being used to fit out a small guest room, quite easily. Increase the hanging storage and now you have a closet that will really jazz up the joint…

Admittedly, most of us can’t afford to rush out and buy “designer goods” to fill our homes with, no matter how cool they are…

But these wonderful constructs can certainly inspire us to push the confines of our homes to squeak out as much practicality as possible.

And better still… if you look close enough…  you can reverse engineer these clever creations using cabinet parts you find at the big box stores, coupled with a little bit of ingenuity.

The Renaissance Ronin


3 Responses to “Little House Storage fit for Kings and Queens!”

  1. Tex Arcana February 11, 2013 at 12:34 pm #

    So, that’s interesting. Neither my wife or my clothes will fit, but that’s a minor detail a match and some gasoline won’t solve… :-p

    This sort of reminds me of that we see on “House Hunters International”, mainly in Europe, where because they tax based on closet square footage, most homes come with very little closet space, which leaves wardrobes as the only option. There’s many that will fill an entire wall, open up similarly to that one you featured, and grant almost as much space as a small walk-in.

    To be honest, tho: we’ve gotten spoiled by the walk-in off the master bath, where one of us can get up, shower, and dress, without disturbing the other who’s might still be sleeping (and, when you work for (b)Lowe’s, you sometimes have exactly opposite schedules, and every second of sleep is precious).

    To be honest #2: I can’t see why one couldn’t adjust the floorplan a bit, or budget for a larger ISBU, and make such a bath/closet arrangement a reality. Hell, even tacking a tiny unit (akin to a mud room without the door), one can get what one wants. (shrug)

    I realize that we ‘murkins tend to have too much stuff these days (and believe me, I know: we’ve been steadily downsizing since 2004, from 3600+sf, down to 3000, down to 2000, briefly to 800sf, and now in 1500sf–and we still have some shedding to do yet), but one can’t get by with just a couple outfits anymore, like they did a century ago.

    Just my 2 cents… okay, $2… 😉

    • Renaissance Ronin February 14, 2013 at 11:41 am #

      Dear Clotheshorse,

      While I know that you still have your Letterman’s jacket from High School – and yer better half (she’d have to be better because you are a hot mess!) still has her Prom Dress – I’ll remind you that I’m always talking about building storage pedestal beds!

      So – say it with me – That’s what the storage pedestal under your bed is for!

      IF you can’t bring yourself to get rid of clothes that you probably can’t wear anyway… this is a good solution for a guest room or even for kids rooms… I can see this as a great start on a little girl’s bedroom suite, ISBU or otherwise.

      So there… 🙂


      • texarcana2002 February 14, 2013 at 3:49 pm #


        No, no “letterman” jacket from high school, and she doesn’t have her prom dress. I do have plenty of my clothes I’ve had from right about when we got married (almost 30 years!! 😮 ), that’s the only thing we’ve got going is a passel of clothes.

        But you’re right: underbed storage is a must (we still must make use of it, even now). And I definitely see that as a major component of a second or third bedroom, without adding a separate module for a closet… unless the owner just wants to. Then, a nice “mudroom” module could be welded to the main, in whatever position you can or want, and voila! Walk-in closet. 😉

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