So, you wanna be SMALLER?

8 Mar


Maybe I misspoke. Perhaps you want to LIVE smaller…

A buddy of mine over at the TinyHouseBlog keeps finding these little gems.

I am constantly being asked “how small” an ISBU house can get.

Recently, “that THB miscreant” ran a post about this:

Tiny House

While this is NOT an ISBU based Tiny House…

… it’s an 8′ x 20′ home that could easily be built within a 20′ High Cube ISBU. All you’d need do is add a loft to the TOP of that ISBU to achieve this.

Note that the deck and the overhangs could all be hinged to easily FOLD to be flush with the structure during transport. And by doing that, they’d add yet another layer of security to your home when you were away….

This is small enough to put on a trailer and HAUL to wherever you decide you want  to hang out.

You can read more about this cool little concept home, HERE!

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