Oh Baaaaaaaaaa-by.

31 Mar

So, when it comes to ISBUs, you think that you’ve seen everything?

Many of you know that I’m in the midst of committing a random act of arson… um…er… I’m hip deep in building a farm in Montana.

We’re getting set to burn off old fields to get them ready to produce grass hay for the  coming year. Bring your wienies and marshmallows, because it’s gonna be one hell of a fire! (He said in a tone bordering hysterics as he watched his entire farm go up in flames!) LOL!

So, as we start plotting and scheming, “turning and burning”… we’re looking hard at how other people do “things agricultural”. Some of the stuff we’re finding is mind-boggling. Some if it is quite cool. Some of it is even… ISBU.

I bet you haven’t seen THIS.

Mobile Milker5

Mobile Milker2

Mobile Milker

Mobile Milker3

Mobile Milker4

Located near Fresno, CA, this is a ready to use “mobile dairy facility”. Okay, it’s NOT so “mobile”, but it could be. I don’t see any flatbed or a crane parked anywhere, but the owners bill it as a “mobile” unit.  “Transportable” is probably closer to the truth.

But, it REALLY IS a dairy operation. Yes, it’s been State inspected and licensed and this ISBU based facility is ready to use. The owners used it with sheep but would work great for goats too.

If you look closely, you’ll see that it includes everything you need to start a milking operation. You got yer sinks, bucket milker, milk cans, wash acid, and milk stands all tucked inside a Corten Cocoon. EVERYTHING you need is in there, folks. The owners have it up for sale because they’ve outgrown it. They must have stopped using dwarf varieties of livestock and moved on to the bigguns…

So, for $50,000… it can be yours.

I bet you could build this WAY cheaper. In fact, it gives me some ideas about how we could do things on OUR farm.

If they don’t sell it soon, they can always lease it to a Sci-Fi set decorator. I can just see this being used in a Sci-Fi epic about “future food sources” filled with “B Movie” actresses and blood curdling screams… LOL!

Just goes to show you that Darwin wins again…

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For all of you Gentiles out there, know that we are thinking of you as you celebrate this most important of days.

We wish you the happiest of Easter Sundays !

Remember to save us some jelly beans, okay? And please, remember us and our troops overseas, in your prayers.  🙂


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