Road Notes – Saturday April 13th

13 Apr
Many of you know that Spring just beats us to death.
It’s that time of year when we break out the welders and plasma cutters and actually go out into the field to start “Hacking Corten”.
This year, Spring has been a myth… at least around here.
But, the horses seem to be operating on another clock entirely.
We have foals popping out like Orville Redenbacker is operating on overdrive.
Tank Boy
So, it’s time for “Foals on Friday”.
Foal and Mom5
Okay, it’s Saturday. Sue me. 🙂
Friday Storm Brewing
Another storm brewing. It’s snowed the last couple of days. At least this time it will be rain and not more snow.
Spot IV
“Spring” sucks so far…  but our baby horses just ROCK! 🙂
There is something to be said for being able to look back on a long day’s work with satisfaction of a day well spent. And it’s hard not to smile when you’re playing with a new baby horse. It’s just delightful.  It reminds me WHY we’re doing this. Sustainability rocks!
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