ISBU Homebuilding Part (mumble, grumble, snort): Waste not, want not!

3 May

I’m still surrounded by that accursed white stuff… so;

It’s time for some Green Building Recommendations

I’ll just pretend that it’s “Spring”. I’ve just returned from yet another road trip. During that trip (I’ve covered a few THOUSAND miles in the last few weeks), I had a lot of time to give thought to HOW I’m going to proceed in building my OWN project – a cluster of ISBU structures assembled to look remarkably like (gasp!) a Sustainable FARM operation. 🙂

20 horse Barn Elevation Concept

I’d call it a ranch, but with all the greenhouses, arboretums, conservatories and fields of hay, if does look more like a farm than a ranch.

We’re building (3) residences, a “guest” dorm, (2) cabins, several barns (beef, dairy, equine and hay storage), shops (both wood and machine), poultry houses (chickens, turkeys and ducks) and various other “dedicated purpose structures” – like aquaponics/hydroponic buildings, for instance.

Granted, a few of the ISBU buildings are just for “enjoyment”…

Can you say “sauna” and “smokehouse”? I knew you could. I may even build a small recording studio. It’d be cool to have my own “media center” to podcast and process Youtube video in! I might even pick up a guitar from time to time!

I just hope I don’t get the sauna and the smokehouse confused when I stumble out that direction in the dark. I don’t want to emerge smelling like hickory and apple chips! That’s a smell that you can’t wash off! 😉

Over the next several days, I’m going to share lists of things to consider with you, as you start planning your new ISBU home.

Many of these considerations can be further explored in my book;

Introduction to Container Homes and Buildings

You can find out more about that by looking to the right side of your monitor (in the sidebar) and clicking on the blue book.

Since all good things start with organization and a plan, let’s start making lists.Show me a man who failed and I’ll show you a man who didn’t have a good plan. And, plans start with (say it with me, campers…) lists.

You can use these lists when building a home, remodeling, or even considering a home for purchase. Yes, I’m a big list maker. Senility demands it! 🙂

Note that a few items will be repeated because they pertain to several aspects of “green” building.

I have to clear some old derelict structure off my site before I can build. And you all know how much I like to reuse or repurpose materials whenever possible. So instead of just pushing it all up into a pile and setting  fire to it, we’re gonna cull some cool stuff from it, if possible.

Reducing Wood Use

  1. Renovate or remodel existing buildings.
  2. Build small.
  3. Build simply.
  4. Design the home to be built in 2-foot increments.
  5. Build for durability.
  6. Build for adaptability.
  7. Design using optimum value engineering.
  8. Use engineered lumber and wood products.
  9. Use prefabricated trusses and other factory-assembled building components.
  10. Reduce wood waste by recycling and reusing scrap lumber.
  11. Use salvaged and/or reclaimed lumber.
  12. Use alternative materials such as steel, straw bales, and earthen materials.
  13. Use certified wood.

Stay Tuned!

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