Make your neighbors GREEN… with envy.

10 May

Build smart, build green.

It makes sense that many who want to build an ISBU home want to make that home as eco-friendly as they possibly can.

After all, most of us are reducing our footprints, so we might as well make that home as green and efficient as possible, right?

What can you do to accomplish that when building YOUR very own ISBU home?

Here are a list of options that can help:

Use recycled materials.

I preach this like a never-ending sermon. Many, many families have discovered that places like Craigslist or Freecycle can be a great resource for finding just about any material or fixture that you might need for your home build.

Beyond the normal stuff – doors, windows, lumber, etc…

I’ve found trailers full of rigid insulation. I’ve found storage rooms full of hurricane doors. I’ve found glu-lam beams and much more…

I’ve sourced waste lumber and even insulation from construction sites. You’d be surprised at what you can build with scrap lumber;

Scrap Lumber Furniture

All you have to do is ask. The worst thing they can say is NO.

Big Box Stores like Lowes and Home Depot have scrap lumber bins.

You can usually buy that scrap lumber for almost nothing.  It’s not just little tiny bits and pieces. Some of it is well worth “recycling”. You’re not going to buy a whole house worth of lumber this way, bit it’s a great way to find bits and pieces you need for finish work or even decking or foundation work. Again, ASK. All they can say is NO.

Think about your finishes.

Forget toxic chemicals for polishing floors and paneling in exchange for stuff like beeswax.

Hit the forums on-line to look for innovative ways to accomplish tasks.

You will be AMAZED at the cool stuff families share as they help other families achieve their dreams.

And don’t forget the biggest “GREEN” homebuilding boon of all;

Use the SUN!

Solar Hot Water, Photovoltaic Panels, and consider wood gasifiers. If you can weld, you can build some amazing stuff out of scrap steel.

Homebuilt Wood Gasifer
With a little research, you will find not only savings, but increased energy efficiency served up on that same plate!

Stay Tuned.
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