Moore, OK – Update

20 May

As many of you know;

An F5 tornado tore through Moore, Oklahoma today leaving death and devastation in its path.

Moore OK3

Many people were injured and from what we know so far, at least 51 are confirmed killed, including MANY elementary school aged  children. The first responders are desperately digging through the rubble trying to find survivors as well as those who have unfortunately perished.

Moore OK2

The Corten Cavalry is already enroute with emergency supplies, ISBU based canteens and ISBU bath/shower/laundry facilities.

Severe Weather

PLEASE remember the families of Moore, OK in your prayers and do what you can to assist if you are able. There are many, many long days and nights ahead of us and the grief to those families effected will be lifelong.

Stay tuned…

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