NOW I’ve seen everything… :)

25 May

It’s Spring, as many of us haven’t seen home in a while.  With ISBU housing and Commercial buildings going up all over America, we’re pretty darned busy. It’s a long grind and frankly, we’re starting to miss winter… 🙂

Actually, it’s part of our “American Financial Recovery” operation, as we attempt to repair the economies of several cities, counties and states, seemingly single-handed. I tell you, my plastic is starting to melt! 😉

But, enough of that. Let’s get to the meat of this post!

Okay, as I drive around America’s Heartland, I see scores of silos standing like soldiers pointed toward the line…

As I drive through America’s coastal regions, I mountains of Shipping Containers piled up in seaports, reaching up high enough to blot out the sun…

Here at RR (and at our “sister blog” CHC) we teach repurposing and recycling. It’s part of the dogma that we preach to disciples.. 🙂

I’ve often looked at those massive concrete silos and wondered what you could do with them.

Well, wonder no more;

Warsaw based studio “Moko Architects” has announced their plans to build an entertainment zone, in the form of a diving and indoor skydiving center just outside Warsaw. Okay, no big deal, right? They build Six Flags and Disney Theme parks seemingly everywhere.  However, THOSE Corporate cats, do it by surrounding a pair of abandoned cement silos with a tower of shipping containers.


Moko Architects has designed a ten story structure  that will allow indoor sky-diving and diving to take place inside those cavernous silos… The facility is proposed for the industrial district of Żerań, where a series of channels transport water between the city and Zegrze Reservoir, and a number of abandoned factories, warehouses and silos stand empty.

And that water is important because Moko is going to fill one of those silos with water, so that divers  can frolic in four season access.


That water filled silo will allow divers to plunge to depths of 25 meters, while the second will contain an underwater “cave” at its base and a skydiving tunnel at its top.

But, what about the ISBUs? Are they going simply build blocks of support buildings around the base of the silos to support the operations? Nope.  Shipping containers will be stacked up around the outside of the silos to provide offices and training facilities, as well as providing additional spaces for things like youth hostel accommodation, an exhibition area, a reading room, sports shops and a summer cafe.

Balcony terraces will also be created on each floor by the irregular arrangement of the containers.


Building starts in 2015. I’m not kidding. This isn’t a concept or a stack of pretty renders. It’s a well thought out and very adventuresome project aimed at revitalizing a part of Warsaw that has seen better times.

If you think about it, it’s a pretty good  idea! WE have silos all over the place. WE have containers stacked to the heavens. This has “ISBU Mad Max Armageddon Adventure Center” stamped all over it.  Don’t like sky-diving? Okay, how abouts we turn that cavern into a big “ZOMBIE Hunter’s Paintball Training Center”? What about a massive indoor “Wall Climbing” school or training center? This could work,  folks.

I mean, Moko did a lot of research and really thought it through;

Diving-and-Indoor-Skydiving-CentreJust think of the possibilities!

Stay tuned!

RR Avatar And please remember the families in Moore Oklahoma in your thoughts and prayers. After the devastating tornado on the 19th (May) , they’re having some really bad days.


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  1. Axel Singh May 25, 2013 at 3:06 pm #

    Great Post!

  2. Jennifer Wilson May 25, 2013 at 7:04 pm #

    This is such an awesome project!! I’d love to come out and see it when it’s finished. The work that you do re-purposing these containers to benefit families, businesses, etc… is amazing. And your mission of empowerment is meritorious. The world could use more people like you!

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