Cut… or UnCut?

5 Aug

This is admittedly an ISBU blog.

We talk about repurposing (ISBUs) Shipping Containers and then integrating them into other types of structure, to build homes and buildings.

One of my favorite ISBUs is the 20′ High Cube. It’s a box overlooked by most, but it can provide you with incredible versatility and it’s a box easily moved.

We do a lot of these that end up as fishing or hunting cabins, remote vacation destinations and even as off-grid fallbacks, for families looking for a little additional security outside the ‘burbs…

A buddy of mine, Michael Janzen, is one of those “Tiny Houser’s”.  He believes, as I do, that you can build a strong, safe home on a budget and still provide your family with safety and security. While we work primarily with steel and plasma cutters, Michael likes wood. That’s okay. We like wood, too. We just put ours on the inside of the structure. 🙂

Here’s his latest effort, based on an 8’x20′ footprint. While it’s not steel, Michael can give you plenty of ideas about HOW you use space…

He calls it “The UnCut Tiny House”. Wow… I thought he was a “Gentile”. 🙂

(My apologies… I know. I shouldn’t have gone there… I’m kinda sorry… ) 🙂

Uncut-Tiny-House-v2I encourage you to look at what others are doing in similar footprints, even IF your structure is constructed differently.


Seeing how they deal with space will help you, inspire you and even reassure you as you blaze trails that others fear…

Stay tuned.

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