I’m “Dwelling” on Prefab Construction…

12 Aug

Dwell Magazine (one of the mot respected architectural magazines in the trade) recently put us in their “Special Issue – Prefab Sourcebook”. It’s an “Industry Resource Guide for Prefab Construction”.


In our view, ISBU construction is what Prefab became, when it grew up! 🙂

Dwell is, IMHO – the cutting edge of architecture. It’s the “go-to” well-spring when you need inspiration, answers and encouragement. And… Dwell has talked about us before. This time, they put our book “Introduction to Container Homes and Buildings” in their “preferred reading list” category.

Dwell3You can find out more about our book in the sidebar.

When we asked “WHY?” (when inquiring about our inclusion in their “Special Issue”), they simply told us that;

“After seeing your work, we feel that people need to know who YOU are”.

Wow. Yes, we smiled smugly and felt like we were finally making a difference. Yes, we giggled with glee. Then… we looked at the pile of work on our desks… and we went back to work on ISBU projects scattered all over the globe.

About Prefab, Dwell went on to say:

“Dwell put prefab back on the mind map 12 years ago when we explored an “old” idea with innovative design minds eager to iterate a classic mid-century idea. Since then prefab has been innovated and evolved by smart designers the world over, and we return to it again and again because it is engages the hearts and minds of our readers and designers with the solutions it puts forth. It is a topic that people are drawn to with such zeal and interest because it inspires us to think of what is possible, and reminds us how beautiful prefab can be.”

We’re honored that the guys and gals at DWELL think highly enough of us to include us. We’ve been paying dues, one family at a time, for over 35 years. It’s about time our work started being noticed!

Stay tuned. We have some really exciting projects to share with you.

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