A little bit of Opera is good for the soul…

15 Aug

Recently, a reader sent me a few images of a really exciting “water home” he’d been harboring serious lust over.

He (like many readers who follow along) knows that we’re participating in the design and building of “floatel projects” that house oil rig workers offshore in the Gulf of Mexico.

According to Wikipedia, a “floatel” looks like this:

Manor_Floatel - from WikipediaThink this through for a moment. These really aren’t much more than floating platforms with modular housing stacked onto them. Now, imagine a stack of “housing modules” similar to those ISBU dorms we see all over the planet? I tell you what… this is fast-track worker housing, for sure.  Think about what you could do with a similar “floating housing block”.  You could easily create “Corten Villages” that floated just offshore, housing workers, scientists, enforcement personnel, etc…

(BTW: Mr Obama – The GULF is that big body of water bordered by places like Galveston, Biloxi, Mobile and even Tampa. It is NOT the body of water near places like Jacksonville, FL. Please, use a few taxpayer dollars to buy a map.) LOL!

He wondered if we could take the “idea” of the water home he’d seen and build something similar, using ISBUs as the basic structure.

We LOVE challenges and this one could be striking! So, I’m going to share the concept images with you and then as this lil gem starts to get refined, we’ll brag… um… share it with you. For some reason, we kept thinking about Foster’s Lager and Vegemite…

(I mean that in the nicest “national” sense… however… Vegemite is just repulsive! Now we understand why Mad Max was so mad… he probably had to eat tin after tin of this dreck! )

But, I digress;

Here we go: (These are Steeltec images, folks. We didn’t draw them. I gotta say, though… those Steeltec guys are really creative. We LOVE this.) 🙂

Steeltec Floating Home - render Steeltec Floating Home Steeltec Floating Home2