Sarah House – Utah done RIGHT.

1 Sep

Labor Day. I think in Montana, every day is “Labor Day”.

Lately, we’re laboring like crazed dogs.

Dealing with fire (the Lolo Creek Wildfire is still raging, consuming everything in it’s path to the tune of over 12,000 acres now), famine (hundreds of firefighters and National Guard troops are literally chomping at the bit for a good hunk of grilled meat and a big potato), floods (hundreds of thousands of gallons of water are being dumped on hundreds of acres at a time as we try to stem the tide of this damned fire) and all those other riders of the Apocalypse…

Lolo Creek Fire… we’re just beat.

Many of us still have hay to bring in, horses to breed, chores to do and kids to chase around…

So much for a three day weekend.


The Utah guys down at Sarah House are just kicking butt.

Apparently, they take their labor pretty seriously.

They’re finishing out the kitchen in one of their terrific ISBU projects. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so here’s several thousand that insure that you understand that ISBUs are here to stay;

Sarah House - Utah - carcassesWhat started out looking like THIS… now looks like THIS:








Now THAT’S a project to be proud of. We’ve been watching this one from the start and frankly, we’re really impressed with the quality and craftsmanship they’ve brought to the party…

Way to go, guys!

Now, get some rest over the holiday weekend, hang out with the family, grill a steak, drink something frosty and cold, and then… get back to work! That “Corten Cutie” ain’t gonna finish itself! 🙂

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