Today of all days, shouldn’t we be as American as Apples…? ;)

11 Sep

I promised myself that I wouldn’t do a 9.11 soapbox speech, so I’m not going to. Suffice to say I hope that we all take a moment to remember those lost, and that it leads to a moment when we can be thankful for what we have.

In the days preceding 9.11, we’ve seen so many conflicting messages about that terrible event 12 years ago that I wonder if we’re all speaking the same language.

In these trying times, Americans need to focus on COMMUNICATION.

Apparently, Steve Jobs is still directing traffic from the grave, insuring that “An Apple a day keeps the Android away….” 😉

Yes, I DO realize that poor Steve is probably rolling over in his grave at the prospects of the iPhone 5C. I’m guessing that, like many of us, he’d think that the “C” stands for “Cheap”. 😉


That said, there’s something else to think about;

Apple designed and then manufactured an “everyman’s” iPhone. Now, if we believe the hype, just about anyone can afford an iPhone.

I think my pal, Chris Voss said it best;

“A lot of people are bashing the iPhone 5C as “cheap” – my bud Chris Pirillo seems to be defending it every post and rightly so. I’m starting to think the “C” stands for iPhone 5ChrisPirillo. Even though its fun to go there with an easy joke (an iphone for peasants) its actually very smart. If you understand the China Mobile Ltd deal – you might want to buy some Apple stock – The iPhone 5C is targeted to them and if you understand why Apple recently closed a deal with them, its freaking huge.”

Whatever you use, iOS or Android. use it today to call someone that you care about and remind them that they are in your thoughts. I’m reminded, in reflection, that the whole world can change in a split second…

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