Oh, those wacky Brits…

30 Sep


We’ve all seen that massive pile of colorful ISBUs along the Thames…


container-cityI’m not talking about the shipyards… I’m talking about “Container City“.


container-city- interior


Well, those “wacky Brits in London, England” have done it again…


I mean, if the definition of “wacky” is that you repurpose cast-off shipping containers to provide low cost, high speed, luxurious housing.



Good things come in pairs… right? I give you – Container City II


Container City IIIt should be pointed out that these guys openly brag about having the “world’s weirdest buildings”.


Now, I have to admit that when I first laid eyes on the Container City II project, I immediately thought of the University Dorms in Amsterdam and several ISBU High-Rises that have gone up globally. I mean, they do pretty much define “industrial” in appearance. I was hoping that they’d take their original (Container City) concept one step further and really push the envelope. I was thinking “Monty  Python” housing! THAT would be impressive.

English: John Cleese in May 2008.

(Okay, John Cleese has gotten a little snobbish, so you probably won’t see him loitering around.) 😉


London’s Container City II,  has opened its modular, brightly colored doors to (gasp!) vacation rentals. It seems that there’s a vacation rental site that literally caters to “different and unique” structures globally.

The agency is called Airbnb. You can “Google” them.


Now, many “new fans” of ISBU housing are interested/curious/adventure seeking folks. NOW… you can go spend a few nights in an ISBU residence and actually “feel the love!” 🙂


(If you do, tell ’em Ronin sent you, huh? Maybe they’ll send us a postcard or something!)


Now, just like it’s older sibling “Container City”… Container City II is constructed entirely of recycled and repurposed shipping containers in the same manner.  Container City II consists of 431-foot one-bedroom flats, it’s one of 22 units in the complex and you can actually go on-line and rent one of the flats for $199 USD a night.


Container City II is located at Trinity Buoy Wharf overlooking the Thames River. It’s an “art community”, so you can be pretty sure that you’re  going to meet some interesting and entertaining folks during your visit!


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