Well? Step up!

13 Oct

Okay, I’m still out sick. Back from the road and right into the bed… Oy.  Can you say “bleah!” ?

So, lately (from my bed), I’ve been working on a series of two story, small footprint ISBU homes.

In keeping with our mission, we build UP… not “expensive”.  And, since our anti-kryptonite cape is out at the cleaners, we need a staircase.

That started us to wondering:

What are some of YOUR favorite staircases?

Here’s a few of ours;

Alt tread bookcase stairsThis staircase is to die for… I mean… really.

You could get half of the Library of Hogwarts… um… er… Congress in there! LOL!

bookcase stairsOkay, you don’t like the “Harry Potter bookcase”… How about this one? Lots of storage and good looks too!

Bookshelf StaircasesOkay, the lack of a rail IS disturbing. We can fix that.

NY Chic - Wooden StairsI love how clean and industrial this looks. Seriously. I’d have this in MY ISBU home in a minute.

IN fact, I suspect this very same staircase is going in my personal studio.

Joshua's Staircase from his sleeping loftBest Staircase EVER. Joshua (my little boy) is going to love this!

pallet - stairsAnd then there’s the gratuitous  “Pile ’em to the sky – Pallet Staircase” because you guys know how much I like pallets…

Seriously, SHOW us the stairs that really light you up. Who knows? We might just build your staircase into one of our projects!

Stay tuned,

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  1. unimaginativepenguin at 11:19 pm #

    They do look gorgeous 🙂

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