Corten plus Concrete equals CAVE? :)

26 Nov

Greetings Corten Campers!

As you know, we’re working our proverbial butts  off doing EMO (emergency relief operation) management in the Philippines.  Right now, it’s pretty much 24/7. First it was the Oct 15th Earthquake. Then, Typhoon Haiyan tried to tear the rest of country into pieces. Typhoon Haiyan did a pretty good job. This is Haiti times ten. We’re going to be there for years – helping families rebuild their lives and  cleaning up all the damage and rebuilding.

Between that and several projects that we’re working on (including some really exciting luthier work – building and reworking guitars  as gifts for American soldiers – in time  for the holidays) and trying  to weld every container together that we can, to form the world’s largest Corten Castle…

(Okay, I’m kidding about building a massive Corten Construct… or am I?)

We have a family in Arizona that wants to build a multi-family compound using ISBUs (shipping Containers).  They live in the Sedona area and they do NOT want their structures to intrude on the natural beauty of the property.  It’s “rocky, craggy beautiful.”

What would happen if you mixed Chris Angel (that zany Las Vegas Magician), some concrete and  a stack of Corten Shipping Containers together?

(Yeah, yeah… we’ve all heard the “rumors” about mob  guys in cement shoes who got “incorporated” into Casino foundations. That’s NOT what I’m talking about. I’m talking about “Corten Concrete Magic”… LOL!)

I’m talking REAL MAGIC! You might get some thing that looked like THIS:

Corten Cave Cabin ConceptThese AREN’T ISBUs (shipping containers) but they sure could be…

You can do amazing things with concrete and pigments these days. You can build rocks that look so real that they are indistinguishable from “real” rocks sitting right next to them. We’ve actually built hidden entrance/exits this way, many times.

What if you gave that technique a shot of steroids and did it to the entire home/site structure? Interconnect the residences using something like DOT Culvert pipe, give them the same treatment and you’d have a concrete reinforced Corten Community.

The photo above is actually a “Cave Hotel” located in the Cederberg Mountains of  South Africa unless I’m mistaken. It’s built using “conventional construction”, but you can see what it is… it’s structure clad in concrete and stone… just like we’re suggesting. The difference is that we’ll use lightweight concrete “sprayed” into reinforced forms built on site to duplicate existing “rocks”.

This isn’t an inexpensive proposition – but with some time and some creativity, you could have You could build something that looks like the photo you see above.  IMHO – you’d have the best of both worlds and then some;

  • Solid Corten Steel construction
  • Concrete reinforced structures and
  • a level of “High Desert life” tranquility never before achieved.

Would you live in a home built like this?

We would, in a heartbeat…

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2 Responses to “Corten plus Concrete equals CAVE? :)”

  1. Jennifer Wilson November 26, 2013 at 5:41 pm #

    These are so cool!!! I would love to live in one. The fact that they are in Sedona makes them exceptionally special for those who are aware of the secrets the Red Rocks.

  2. iwentoutwalking December 4, 2013 at 12:36 pm #

    Love this idea. Research, research, research! I am looking into Tiny Homes and Container Homes for the Desert of Arizona.. I am MORE than ready to make the move. Thanks for all the info!

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